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If you're in a desperate hurry:

Run mythwelcome --setup and edit the settings to suit your setup.

Change your system startup to run mythwelcome instead of mythfrontend.

Change the Shutdown/Wakeup Options in mythtv-setup to call the mythshutdown

And if you start wondering why it doesn't work, come back and read the
rest of the file. 8)


MythWelcome is a Myth themed application that shows a welcome/status 
information screen that will be shown whenever the frontend is not 
running ie. when an automatic startup has occurred to record a program.
It shows some information about what the backend is currently doing 
(idle, recording, commercial flagging, transcoding or locked by a user etc.).
It also shows what the backend is recording, what the next scheduled recording 
is and shows a warning if there are any schedule conflicts. There is also a 
push button to start the frontend.

It is useful if you want to setup a dedicated MythTV system that you
don't want to run 24/7 but you want to automatically wake up to record
just like a normal video recorder and shutdown again when it is idle.

Mythwelcome will also prevent the backend from shutting down the system
if it is busy commercial flagging, downloading EPG data, transcoding or
shutdown has been locked by a user.


You should have already installed and have a working nvram-wakeup
setup including modifying your bootloader menu to add a Poweroff
menu option if your bios requires a reboot when setting the wakeup
time in the bios.

Mythwelcome/Mythshutdown Settings

Like most of MythTV Mythwelcome and Mythshutdown store their settings
in the myth database. All of the settings are settable from the GUI.
There are two separate settings pages. One is shown by starting
mythwelcome with the -s/--setup parameter or by pressing the 
'SHOWSETTINGS' key (defaults to F11 key). You will probably only ever
set these options once when you first setup Mythwelcome.

Command to Set        - command to set wakeup time in bios 
Wakup Time
                        if you are really lucky nvram-wakeup will be able 
                        to recognise your M/B automatically 
                        "/usr/sbin/nvram-wakeup  --settime $time"

                        if you need to explicitly set the info-writer use 
                        something like this
                        "/usr/sbin/nvram-wakeup -A -I aopen_ax37 --settime $time"

                        if you need to use a custom config file use something 
                        like this
                        "/usr/sbin/nvram-wakeup -A -C /etc/nvram-wakeup.conf --settime $time"

Wakeup Time Format    - this should be set to either 'time_t' or a time format string that
                        should be used when replacing $time in the above command.
                        See the QT docs for QDateTime::toString() for the format used.

                        nvram-wakeup requires this to be set to time_t

nvram-wakeup restart  - command to set which bootloader menu option to use
command                 after next reboot. This command is run if your bios 
                        requires you to reboot to allow nvram-wakeup settings 
                        to take effect. If your bios does not require a reboot
                        then leave this setting blank and mythshutdown will 
                        shutdown normally using the command set in 'Poweroff

                        older versions of grub require something like this
                        "echo 'savedefault --default=1 --once quit' | /sbin/grub"

                        newer versions of grub can use something like this
                        "grub-set-default 1"

                        lilo users should use something like this
                        "lilo -R PowerOff"

Poweroff Command      - The command mythshutdown should use to poweroff the computer.

Reboot Command        - The command mythshutdown should use to reboot the computer.
                        Used when your BIOS requires a reboot to allow nvram-wakeup 
                        settings to take effect. 

Start XTerm Command   - This is the command to use to open an XTerm window. 
                        Leave blank to disable this feature.
                        Tip: If the default font size is too small to see on your
                        TV change the default setting to:
                        'xterm -fa Courier -fs 14' to change the font style and size.

Start Frontend Command - This is the command mythwelcome should use to start the FE. It
                         is usefull if you want to change the verbose level or add a log
                         file to output message etc.

The second set of settings are available by pressing 'i/INFO' key and allow you
to setup the daily wakeup/shutdown periods and control whether to automatically
start the mythfrontend when mythwelcome is started and it is determined that it
was started manually.

Period 1 Start Time  - These setting determine a period of time that the master backend
Period 1 End Time      should always wake up for. Set both times to 00:00 to
                       disable this feature. 

Period 2 Start Time  - Second wakeup/shutdown period settings.
Period 2 End Time

Automatically Start  - Normally when mythwelcome starts up it checks to see whether
Mythfrontend           the system was started to record something or because of a 
                       wakeup/shutdown period. If not it will automatically start the
                       frontend. You can disable this feature by unchecking this option.   

Shutdown with Master - (Frontend only machines). If set mythwelcome will shutdown this system
Backend                when the master backend shutsdown.


The mythbackend needs to co-operate with mythwelcome to work
as intended. It does this by calling the helper program 'mythshutdown'
to check whether it is safe to shutdown, to set the time to wake up
for the next scheduled recording and to do the actual shutdown. 

You should run mythtv-setup and on the Shutdown/Wakeup Options page set
the following settings:  

    Block shutdown before
    client connected:           should be checked 
    Idletimeout (secs):         any value greater that 0
    Wakeup time format:         yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm
    Set wakeup time command:    mythshutdown --setwakeup $time
    Server Halt command:        mythshutdown --shutdown
    Pre shutdown check command: mythshutdown --check  

Because 'mythshutdown --shutdown' needs to run grub/lilo, reboot, poweroff 
and nvram-wakeup all of which require root privileges if you don't run the mythbackend 
as root you will have to use sudo to give mythshutdown root privileges and change the
Server Halt command to 'sudo  mythshutdown --shutdown'.

You will have to restart the backend for the new settings to take effect.


If your motherboard/bios requires a reboot after changing the startup time
in the bios with nvram-wakeup you should configure grub/lilo with a special 
menu boot option to reboot and immediately shutdown.

Grub Users Only
Simply add the following menu boot option to your grub.conf file:

        savedefault 0

You should change the '0' to the menu item number you want to boot 
normally by default. Also add 'default saved' towards the top of the file.

set the nvram-wakeup restart command to '/sbin/grub-set-default 1'
the 1 should be the menu item number of the PowerOff menu item you added
above starting from 0.

Lilo Users Only
As part of nvram-wakeup you can download some kernel images
that do nothing but shutdown the system. (see

Add a boot option to the lilo.conf file such as:


change the nvram-wakeup restart command to 'lilo -R PowerOff'

See the nvram-wakeup documentation for more info on how to setup lilo.


The mythshutdown command line utility is a multi-purpose helper program used by 
both mythbackend and mythwelcome. The program needs to be configured to 
work properly by editing the settings in the GUI. (See 'Mythwelcome/Mythshutdown
Settings' above). 

The program can be run with the following parameters:

    this will prevent mythbackend from shutting down the system even if 
    it is idle. It is useful if you want to do some maintenance on the system 
    and don't want the backend to shutdown the computer.

    allows the backend to shutdown when idle

    returns 0 safe to shutdown or 1 not safe to shutdown
    this is usually called by the backend as the 'Pre-Shutdown Check command'.
    will return 1 if shutdown is locked, mythcommflag is running, mythtranscode
    is running, mythfilldatabase is running or we are in or about to start a
    daily wakeup/shutdown period.

-w/--setwakeup "yyyy-MM-ddThh:mm"
    sets the time the next scheduled recording is to start. Does not set the 
    time in the bios. Usually called by the backend's 'Set wakeup time command'.

    does all the hard work of determining when the next wakeup should be.
    calls nvram-wakeup to set the time in the bios and calls grub/lilo to reboot
    the system if required. Usually called by the backend's 'Server Halt 
    command'. You probably need to run this with root privileges.

    returns a value indicating what programs are running that will prevent
    the backend from shutting down. The value is an OR'd flag of the following

    0 - Idle                - free to shutdown 
    1 - Transcoding         - mythtranscode is running
    2 - Commercial Flagging - mythcommflag is running
    4 - Grabbing EPG data   - mythfilldatabase is running
    8 - not currently used 
   16 - Locked              - shutdown has been locked by a user   
   32 - not currently used  -  
   64 - In wakeup period    - In a daily wakeup/shutdown period
  128 - About to start wake - Less than 15 minutes to next wakeup period
        up period

    used by mythwelcome to display a status message to the user and
    by 'mythshutdown --check' itself to determine if it is safe to shutdown.

    By default mythshutdown is silent and does not produce any output on the
    console. This is by design because it is called often by mythwelcome and
    mythbackend. You can add this parameter to make mythwelcome output some
    messages to the console.

    Add this parameter to show more debug messages


Because you would normally run mythwelcome and the mythshutdown script as
a normal user without root privileges you will need to setup sudo to allow 
you to run the mythshutdown --shutdown as the root user to allow it to 
run reboot, poweroff, grub/lilo and nvram-wakeup.  

add the following line to your '/etc/sudoers' file: 

mythtv localhost = NOPASSWD: /usr/bin/mythshutdown

Change mythtv to the user you use to run mythwelcome and the mythshutdown program.
You may also have to change the path to mythshutdown to suit your setup. 


You can optionally set one or two periods in a day that you would like your
Myth system to wake up for. The periods are set on the mythwelcome
settings screen (press i/INFO key). The mythshutdown program will wakeup
the system and prevent it shutting down during these periods even if it is idle.

You can now set periods that cross midnight. For example if you set the start 
time to 23:00 and end time to 8:00 your system will wake at 23:00 and shut down
at 8:00 the next day.


If you press the m/MENU key mythwelcome will display a popup menu with the 
following options.

Lock Shutdown        -  Prevents the system from shutting down even if it is idle.

Unlock Shutdown      -  Allows the system to shutdown when it is idle.

Run Mythfilldatabase -  Force mythfilldatabase to run now.

Shutdown Now         -  Force the system to shutdown even if it is not idle or is
                        in a wakeup/shutdown period. 

                        FE only machines simply shutdown using the 'Poweroff command'
                        that has been setup in settings.

                        Master BE machines will not shutdown if the backend
                        is recording or is about to start recording otherwise 
                        mythwelcome sets the time of the next wakeup and shuts down
                        the system.

                        Requires sudo to be setup properly to allow mythwelcome to call 
                        the mythshutdown program with root privileges. See above.

Exit                 -  Exit the mythwelcome application.

Cancel               -  Cancel the popup menu.


There is an hidden feature that allows you to start an xterm from the mythwelcome
screen. Useful if you need to do some trouble shooting. You can access it by 
pressing the F12 key (default key binding). You can change the command that will
be used to start the xterm on the Mythshutdown settings page (F11 key).

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