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MythNews (A RSS News Feed Plugin for MythTV) for MythTV


Run the mythplugins configure script './configure'.

Type 'make' in the main directory to begin compiling

Once the make is completed, do a 'make install'.

Load mythfrontend and you should see entries for mythnews in the main
menu and in the settings menu


Once you have installed mythnews you need to set it up. Go to
Settings->NEWS Settings. On the Settings page there will be news feed sites on
the left window. Double clicking or selecting and pressing
return/space will add them to the database (These will also be shown
on the right window). Also set the frequency (in
minutes) with which the news should be updated (Note: the minimum
value is 30 Min to prevent DOSing the news sites). Now exit the setup
page (by pressing ESC).

Go to the NEWS main page and you should see the news feed sites on the
left column and corresponding news articles on the right). You can
move between news sites/articles using the UP/DOWN keys and between
the news sites column and articles column using the LEFT/RIGHT
keys. Pressing "U" will update all old news. Pressing "F" will
force updating news from all sites (WARNING: Don't use this key
frequently unless you want to DOS the news sites and get locked). The
news gets updated automatically depending on the frequency which you
set in the setup page.
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