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                           Release 0.25


First, you need MythTV to be installed.  At the very least, you need MythTV's
database stuff setup properly.  If you don't have that done, don't even bother
with this, as it won't work.

In addition to MythTV's requirements, you'll need these software packages:
(note: _all_ of these exist as software packages in Debian).

   Vorbis - I've just used this with version 1.3.2.  You'll need a full install,
            encoding and decoding support.

   FLAC   - lossless encoder/decoder.  Version >= 1.0.4 is needed.

   libcdaudio - Used to play CDs and to hit FreeDB for CD information.
                I'm using 0.99.12.

   cdparanoia - The integrated ripping support uses the libraries from this.
                I'm using cdparanoia 3.10.2.

   taglib     - A library for reading and editing audio meta data.
                I'm using 1.7.


   fftw   - A very nice library for Fast Fourier Transforms (helps analyze
            audio data for playback visualizations). Currently using 3.2.2.

Phew.  Lotta stuff required. If you're having problems, please check both
the documentation and the mailing list archives at

The plugins configure script will enable MythMusic by default if you have all
the pre-requisites installed so just do the usual ./configure; make;  and as
root make install.

If you get any errors about missing references, etc, you most likely don't have
one of the required pieces of software installed.

You'll want to go into the Music Settings section of the Setup from mythfrontend
and set at least the path where your music is stored.

Once it's done searching for your music, the interface will show up.  It should
be fairly easy to figure out.   Check out the HOWTO for details.

Feel free to subscribe to the development mailing list at:

A list that's restricted to the GIT commit messages is available at:

or, just email me directly:  Isaac Richards <>
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