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This is the README file for MythBrowser.

MythBrowser is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 2
(see http://www.gnu.org)


1.  About
2.  Installation
3.  Usage
4.  Hints
5.  TODO/Plans

1. About

MythBrowser is a tabbed web-browser based on QtWebKit designed to be used with
a remote control.

MythBrowser also contains a BookmarkManager to manage the website links in a
simple mythplugin.

2. Installation

2.1 Prerequisits

You have to have mythtv, Qt4.4.0 or later and QtWebKit installed.

2.2 Compilation/Installation

make install

3. Usage

Use the arrow keys and PAGEUP, PAGEDOWN, PAGELEFT, PAGERIGHT to scroll around
the webpage.

ZOOMIN/ZOOMOUT will increase/decrease the size of the text.

You can follow a link by first using NEXTLINK/PREVIOUSLINK to highlight the
link you wish to follow then press FOLLOWLINK to show the linked page.

MOUSEUP/MOUSEDOWN/MOUSELEFT/MOUSERIGHT allows you to move the mouse pointer
using your remote control. MOUSELEFTBUTTON simulates clicking the left mouse
button allowing you to click on a link for example.

MythBrowser is a tabbed browser. You can use PREVTAB/NEXTTAB to change tabs
and DELETETAB to remove the current tab. You can add a new tab from the popup
menu. You can move the focus to the tab widget by pressing INFO which allows
you to use the LEFT/RIGHT arrows to quickly change tabs. Press INFO again to
return the focus to the active web page. If you add more than one URL to the
command line a tab will be created for each URL added.

To view a page Press MENU and choose 'Enter URL'. Enter the URL of the page
you want to view. There is no need to add the 'html://' MythBrowser will add
that for you if missing.

MythBrowser will remember the pages visited and allow you to return to them by

Most actions can be accessed from the popup menu (Press MENU).

Default key bindings :
ZOOMIN          Increase text size                    .,>
ZOOMOUT         Decrease text size                    ,,<
TOGGLEINPUT     Toggle where keyboard input goes to   F1

MOUSEUP         Move mouse pointer up                 2
MOUSEDOWN       Move mouse pointer down               8
MOUSELEFT       Move mouse pointer left               4
MOUSERIGHT      Move mouse pointer right              6
MOUSELEFTBUTTON Mouse Left button click               5

PAGEDOWN        Scroll down half a page               9, PAGEDOWN
PAGEUP          Scroll up half a page                 3, PAGEUP
PAGELEFT        Scroll left half a page               7
PAGERIGHT       Scroll right half a page              1

NEXTLINK        Move selection to next link",         Z
PREVIOUSLINK    Move selection to previous link",     Q
FOLLOWLINK      Follow selected link",                Return,Space,Enter
HISTORYBACK     Go back to previous page",            R,Backspace
HISTORYFORWARD  Go forward to previous page",         F

NEXTTAB         Move to next browser tab              P
PREVTAB         Move to previous browser tab          <NO DEFAULT>
DELETE          Delete the current browser tab        D

ESCAPE          Exit                                  Escape
MENU            Show poup menu                        M
INFO            Toggle focused widget                 I

4. Hints

The F1 key selects where the keyboard input does to. If a web page requires
some sort of input, like an edit control used to enter a search term, pressing
F1 allows you to send all input to the web page. Pressing it again allows
MythBrowser to again capture keyboard input.

You can get smoother mouse pointer movement by lowering the repeat count for
the remote keys used for mouse emulation in your lircrc config file.