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Turn off LastPlayPos loading by default. Refs #11713.

In the way things were set up originally, by default any playback
would check for bookmark, progstart mark, or lastplaypos mark, and
start playback from there, unless any or all of these had been
explicitly disallowed.  This was fine for playback from the Watch
Recordings screen, which would always explicitly set each permission.

It was not so good for other forms of playback, such as from
MythVideo, mythavtest, or Gallery, since they would all favor
lastplaypos, which is periodically updated for all playback.

As a result, lastplaypos is changed to be disallowed by default.

This is not really relevant to the progstart mark, since it is only
present for recordings (though it could become a minor issue if a
recording and its metadata are imported into MythVideo).
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bindings Updated getKeys() and getHosts() xml bindings to latest format
contrib WebFrontent: Add a Content-Security-Policy nonce
data/scanConfigs/dvb-s Add a prototype scan config file for Freesat
database update the initial database to schema version 1226
docs WebFrontend: Add a MythEvent handler using websockets. Only implement…
external C++11 literal string suffix compliance
filters libmyth doesn't depend on libmythservicecontracts
html Services API: Fix a logical issue with GetProgramGuide
i18n Update Greek MythFrontend, MythMusic, MythNetvision and MythZoneMinde…
libs Turn off LastPlayPos loading by default. Refs #11713.
locales New locle file for Austria from
programs Turn off LastPlayPos loading by default. Refs #11713.
themes Subtitles: Fix Qt5-related glitches in the black background.
.gitignore Clean up MSVC compile issues since last merge from master.
AUTHORS AUTHORS: point to the wiki for an up-to-date list of active developers
COPYING Replace all instances of the old FSF address with the new one. Next t…
EXPORTED_VERSION Have check for version information in EXPORTED_VERSION
FAQ Direct users to FAQ on wiki.
Makefile treat failed in unit tests as error, now that they have their own target
README Change minimum required QT version to 5.2
UPGRADING German translation update from Stefan Frank.
VERSION Update VERSION in master/0.28
configure Refs #12416. Changeset 1b99b21 broke symbol hiding on debian based sy…
configure.ps1 Initial changes to allow Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to build system.
keys.txt Just testing trac commit hooks... Fix parse error in and error out unless doing a windows build QT5: Remove unneeded defines Another run at getting rid of symbol issues
version.ps1 Fix issue with Powershell version 2.0 Alter sed pattern to match the format coming from github which is dif…


                                Release 0.28


This README is not always kept current, the information may be outdated. For
updated information, always see the Wiki at and
the documentation at


The following is a list of some of the prerequisites you will need installed:

   libmp3lame - The shared library for the LAME mp3 encoder.  This might become
                optional in the future, or we may switch to vorbis if they speed
                optimize things a little more.

   QT - Version 5.2 or greater is required.  You will need the MySQL bindings.

   MySQL - You need this setup and working.  Version 5.0.15 or higher is

   XMLTV - If you are outside of North America, it's always advised to install
           the latest version available.  This will do the work
           of actually grabbing the program information. Get it from

           If XMLTV does not have a grabber for your country, then you need
           to create one. For information on how to do this, see the XMLTV
           website at

           If you are in North America, you do not need XMLTV.  MythTV has
           a built-in grabber which uses Schedules Direct as a data source. See
           the HOWTO for complete instructions on configuring an account.

See the mythtv-HOWTO.html, .pdf or .txt file in the docs/ subdirectory or on for in-depth instructions on installing and
compiling MythTV and all of the pre-requisites.  It has instructions for
various Linux distributions.

If you are using a framegrabber card (as opposed to a hardware MPEG-2
capture card) you also need v4l setup and working properly.  If xawtv works
(in grabdisplay mode and with xv), this should, too.

Hardware wise, you need a computer.  Really.  Helps to have a fast one, too.
You also need a video card with working Xv support (to scale and convert
colorspaces), and a capture card.  If you're using ALSA for sound support
(which _is_ the recommended thing to do), you should be using at least
version 1.0.17.

See the UPGRADING file for information on upgrading between releases.

Compiling and setup instructions are all in the documentation in the docs/
subdir (or at ) these days.  Read those carefully.

keys.txt has a listing of all the various default key bindings.  All
keybindings can be changed via MythWeb.

If you want to check out the theme format, and perhaps make your own,
look at and at the .xml files
in the /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/[themename] subdirs.

Feel free to subscribe to the development mailing list at:

A users list exists as well, subscribe at:

A list that's restricted to the Git commit and Trac (bug tracking) messages is
available at:

To contact the developer's for corporate sponsorship, contract work or similarly
formal and private matters please use the form at
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