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this allows to work against newer (5.7+)
versions of MySQL.

Patch by Michael Dean

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                                Release 0.28


This README is not always kept current, the information may be outdated. For
updated information, always see the Wiki at and
the documentation at


The following is a list of some of the prerequisites you will need installed:

   libmp3lame - The shared library for the LAME mp3 encoder.  This might become
                optional in the future, or we may switch to vorbis if they speed
                optimize things a little more.

   QT - Version 5.2 or greater is required.  You will need the MySQL bindings.

   MySQL - You need this setup and working.  Version 5.0.15 or higher is

   XMLTV - If you are outside of North America, it's always advised to install
           the latest version available.  This will do the work
           of actually grabbing the program information. Get it from

           If XMLTV does not have a grabber for your country, then you need
           to create one. For information on how to do this, see the XMLTV
           website at

           If you are in North America, you do not need XMLTV.  MythTV has
           a built-in grabber which uses Schedules Direct as a data source. See
           the HOWTO for complete instructions on configuring an account.

See the mythtv-HOWTO.html, .pdf or .txt file in the docs/ subdirectory or on for in-depth instructions on installing and
compiling MythTV and all of the pre-requisites.  It has instructions for
various Linux distributions.

If you are using a framegrabber card (as opposed to a hardware MPEG-2
capture card) you also need v4l setup and working properly.  If xawtv works
(in grabdisplay mode and with xv), this should, too.

Hardware wise, you need a computer.  Really.  Helps to have a fast one, too.
You also need a video card with working Xv support (to scale and convert
colorspaces), and a capture card.  If you're using ALSA for sound support
(which _is_ the recommended thing to do), you should be using at least
version 1.0.17.

See the UPGRADING file for information on upgrading between releases.

Compiling and setup instructions are all in the wiki these day

keys.txt has a listing of all the various default key bindings.  All
keybindings can be changed via MythWeb.

If you want to check out the theme format, and perhaps make your own,
look at and at the .xml files
in the /usr/local/share/mythtv/themes/[themename] subdirs.

Feel free to subscribe to the development mailing list at:

A users list exists as well, subscribe at:

A list that's restricted to the Git commit and Trac (bug tracking) messages is
available at:

To contact the developer's for corporate sponsorship, contract work or similarly
formal and private matters please use the form at