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			          Release 0.14

There'll be more information here later, but for now:


First, you need MythTV to be installed.  At the very least, you need 
MythTV's database stuff setup properly, and libmyth installed.
If you don't have that done, don't even bother with this, as it won't work.

You will need zlib and zlib-dev, however they're named on your distribution of

Ok, on to compiling. Just type 'qmake' then 'make' in the main 
distribution directory.

Compiling note:  If you get an error on building this, that says something
                 about 'mkspecs', then you don't have the QTDIR environment
                 variable set.  On debian, this should be set to /usr/share/qt.
                 I hear on mandrake, it's /usr/lib/qt3.  You'll need to figure
                 out what it should be on your system, set the variable,
                 and attempt to compile again.

If you get any errors about missing references, etc, you most likely don't have
one of the required pieces of software installed.

Follow this by a 'make install'.  It'll put a '' plugin in your
/usr/local/lib/mythtv/plugins directory.

MythGame will also read the mysql.txt settings files used by MythTV, so any 
changes you made to those will be carried over into this.

After compiling and installing, you will need to enter the setup menu from
mythfrontend to configure mythgame.  You'll probably want to set ROM paths, etc.

The first time you run MythGame, it'll search out and insert all games that it
finds into its database, so it may seem to take awhile.  Later runs should be
fairly quick.  In the normal text-only selection interface, just navigate around
with the arrow keys, and use space/enter to start a game.  Hitting 'm' on the
game name will take you to a settings dialog, and hitting 'm' on the system
name (ie, MAME), will take you to a system setup menu.  In the screenshot-based
selection menu, just hit tab to switch between navigating the list and the
screenshot section.

To use the generic PC game stuff, check out the example gamelist.xml file
in this directory and modify it/add to it as desired.

Feel free to subscribe to the development mailing list at:

A list that's restricted to the CVS commit messages is available at:
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