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* This file is part of MythWeb, a php-based interface for MythTV.
* See for details.
* Initialization routines. This file basically loads all of the necessary
* shared files for the entire program.
* @license GPL
* @package MythWeb
// Start an output buffer to store up errors until the output
// Attempt to load up firephp if installed on the server
require_once 'includes/errors.php';
// Lazy load the classes...
require_once 'includes/class_autoload.php';
// Load the generic utilities so we have access to stuff like DEBUG()
require_once 'includes/utils.php';
// Clean up some stuff
require_once 'includes/cleanup.php';
// Check out the php version info
require_once 'includes/php_version_check.php';
// Load the error trapping and display routines
require_once 'includes/errors.php';
require_once 'includes/errordisplay.php';
// Setup the database
require_once 'includes/database.php';
// Make sure the database is up to date
require_once 'includes/db_update.php';
// Load the session handler routines
require_once 'includes/session.php';
// Define some common stuff
require_once 'includes/defines.php';
// Load the translation routines so the modules can translate their descriptions
require_once 'includes/translate.php';
// Protect the users!
require_once 'includes/lockdown.php';
// Include a few useful functions
require_once 'includes/css.php';
require_once 'includes/mouseovers.php';
// Detect mobile users
require_once 'includes/mobile.php';
// Setup the skins and themes
require_once 'includes/skin.php';
// Setup the data_dir
require_once 'includes/data_dir.php';
// Load the session defaults and other config info
require_once 'includes/config.php';
// And do some quick setup...
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