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* Jobqueue-related constants, routines, etc.
* @package MythWeb
// Job status
define('JOB_UNKNOWN', 0x0000);
define('JOB_QUEUED', 0x0001);
define('JOB_PENDING', 0x0002);
define('JOB_STARTING', 0x0003);
define('JOB_RUNNING', 0x0004);
define('JOB_STOPPING', 0x0005);
define('JOB_PAUSED', 0x0006);
define('JOB_RETRY', 0x0007);
define('JOB_ERRORING', 0x0008);
define('JOB_ABORTING', 0x0009);
define('JOB_DONE', 0x0100); // mask to indicate the job is done, no matter what the status
define('JOB_FINISHED', 0x0110);
define('JOB_ABORTED', 0x0120);
define('JOB_ERRORED', 0x0130);
define('JOB_CANCELLED', 0x0140);
* @global array $GLOBALS['Job_Status']
* @name $Job_Status
global $Job_Status;
$Job_Status = array(JOB_UNKNOWN => t('Unknown'),
JOB_QUEUED => t('Queued'),
JOB_PENDING => t('Pending'),
JOB_STARTING => t('Starting'),
JOB_RUNNING => t('Running'),
JOB_STOPPING => t('Stopping'),
JOB_PAUSED => t('Paused'),
JOB_RETRY => t('Retry'),
JOB_ERRORING => t('Erroring'),
JOB_ABORTING => t('Aborting'),
JOB_DONE => t('Done, Unknown Status'),
JOB_FINISHED => t('Finished'),
JOB_ABORTED => t('Aborted'),
JOB_ERRORED => t('Errored'),
JOB_CANCELLED => t('Cancelled')
// Job commands
define('JOB_RUN', 0x0000);
define('JOB_PAUSE', 0x0001);
define('JOB_RESUME', 0x0002);
define('JOB_STOP', 0x0004);
define('JOB_RESTART', 0x0008);
// Job flags
define('JOB_NO_FLAGS', 0x0000);
define('JOB_USE_CUTLIST', 0x0001);
define('JOB_LIVE_REC', 0x0002);
define('JOB_EXTERNAL', 0x0004);
// Job lists
define('JOB_LIST_ALL', 0x0001);
define('JOB_LIST_DONE', 0x0002);
define('JOB_LIST_NOT_DONE', 0x0004);
define('JOB_LIST_ERROR', 0x0008);
define('JOB_LIST_RECENT', 0x0010);
// Job types
define('JOB_NONE', 0x0000);
define('JOB_SYSTEMJOB', 0x00ff);
define('JOB_TRANSCODE', 0x0001);
define('JOB_COMMFLAG', 0x0002);
define('JOB_METADATA', 0x0004);
define('JOB_USERJOB', 0xff00);
define('JOB_USERJOB1', 0x0100);
define('JOB_USERJOB2', 0x0200);
define('JOB_USERJOB3', 0x0400);
define('JOB_USERJOB4', 0x0800);
* @global array $GLOBALS['Jobs']
* @name $Jobs
global $Jobs;
$Jobs = array(JOB_TRANSCODE => t('Transcode'),
JOB_COMMFLAG => t('Flag Commercials'),
JOB_METADATA => t('Look up Metadata')
// Load up any defined user jobs
$sh = $db->query('SELECT SUBSTRING(j.value, 8,1) AS jnum, AS name
FROM settings AS j,
settings AS d
WHERE d.value = CONCAT("UserJobDesc", SUBSTRING(j.value, 8,1))
AND j.value LIKE "UserJob_"
ORDER BY jnum');
while ($row = $sh->fetch_assoc()) {
$Jobs[constant('JOB_USERJOB'.$row['jnum'])] = $row['name'];
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