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* This file is part of MythWeb, a php-based interface for MythTV.
* See for details.
* @license GPL
* @package MythWeb
/* So the order we do things is the following:
If the user is attempting to reset the template, use that value
Else the cookie is set, use it's value
Else try to auto-detect mobile or non-js/image browser
If that fails, use the stored session default
// Figure out the template
$tmpl = $_SESSION['tmpl'];
if (isset($_REQUEST['RESET_TMPL']))
$tmpl = _or($_REQUEST['RESET_TMPL'], 'default');
elseif (isset($_REQUEST['RESET_TEMPLATE']))
$tmpl = _or($_REQUEST['RESET_TEMPLATE'], 'default');
elseif (isMobileUser())
$tmpl = 'wap';
elseif (preg_match('/^(Lynx|ELinks)/i', $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']))
$tmpl = 'lite';
if (!file_exists(modules_path.'/_shared/tmpl/'.$tmpl.'/welcome.php'))
$tmpl = 'default';
// Figure out the skin
$skin = $_SESSION['skin'];
if (isset($_REQUEST['RESET_SKIN']))
$skin = _or($_REQUEST['RESET_SKIN'], 'default');
elseif (isMobileUser())
$skin = 'wap';
if (!file_exists('skins/'.$skin.'/img/'))
$skin = 'default';
// We do want to over-ride the template for some paths.
// We do this after setting because certain templates
// Should never be stored as the normal end-user view
if ($Path[0] == 'rss' || $Path[0] == 'ical')
$tmpl = $Path[0];
// And now we define the paths
define('skin', $skin );
define('skin_url', root_url.'skins/'.skin.'/' );
define('skin_img_url', skin_url.'img/' );
define('tmpl', $tmpl );
define('tmpl_dir', 'modules/'.module.'/tmpl/'.tmpl.'/' );
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