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Gentoo Switch mythtv-bindings inherit from qt4 to qt4-r2 due to deprecation. Oct 27, 2012
OSX/build Add support to build 0.28 and bundle with Qt 5.5.1 Jan 30, 2016
Win32 Patch for issues in Windows build script. Fixes #11793 Sep 1, 2013
android Use the correct qt path for webkit build May 18, 2015
rpm Fixes version reported by "mythfrontend --version" in 0.27. Sep 16, 2014
smolt Change to our new upstream url Aug 6, 2015
snap SNAP: Initial snap upload. Needs lots of work but the frontend barely… Aug 10, 2016
README.rst fix indentation so rst renders nicer Sep 3, 2013


MythTV distribution Packaging

All directories contain scripts for building for the following distributions:
  • Ubuntu/Debian (.deb)
  • Fedora (.rpm)
  • Gentoo
  • OSX
  • Windows