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Ubuntu Packaging (.deb)

The deb packaging directory contains two scripts "" and "".

  • Invoking "" will install all prerequisites and build binary .deb packages that could be directly installed.
  • Invoking "" will install prerequisites for building a source package (.dsc) that can then be built using pbuilder, sbuild Launchpad, dpkg-buildpackage, debuild or a similar tool. Use this if you don't want to install all build dependencies on your local box and have a remote builder box.


./ [git_branch] [target_dir] [additional_patches]

git_branch -> optional: the GIT branch of MythTV to build

target_dir -> optional: the dir used for the & GIT checkouts

additional_patches -> optional: space separated full path to all patches to apply

If the target_dir already contains git checkouts, they will just be updated to the latest HEAD followed by the git checkout being checked out to the branch indicated.

  • ./

    This would check out the branch matching packaging branch name and build debs in /home/supermario/src/mythtv-packaging/deb

  • ./ fixes/0.27 /tmp

    This would checkout out the fixes/0.27 branch, local packaging and build debs in /tmp

  • ./ fixes/0.27 /tmp /full/path/to/patch

    This would checkout the fixes/0.27 branch, local packaging, apply the patch called 'patch' located at /full/path/to/ to the build and then produce debs

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