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[Deprecated] Getting started codes for L2P-2013 API in PHP, Android and C#
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API Test Console


I was the original developer of L2P-API (an eLearning platform of RWTH-Aachen university) and after passing from University I cannot access L2P system anymore. For this, I cannot maintain this project anymore. Nonetheless, any pull request or feedback is always welcome or you can ask any question about L2P-API.

I am maintaining this project to create a generic hyperlink manager client in various platform (Android, PHP, JS) and demonstraing the usage of API unit testing.


This is a public repo for developers who want to work with new L2P-2013 API. In this repo, you will find client codes specifically developed for sample android app, OAuth codes for php, Library class for php and last but not the least a C# client that call each and every API.


For each library, please open the folder containing the library and follow the file there. For an overview of modules, see the image below: Code Tree

List of libraries

  • C# Client Helpful for observing and executing each and every API
  • PHP Client Library class for embedding L2P-API in a php program
  • PHP OAuth Client Helpful for quickly generating an OAuth token to test
  • Android Library Getting started library to work with L2P-API in android


  • Use firebase authentication
  • Continuous-Integration via travis-ci (just ensure that the project will be built without any error)
  • Implement todo-mvc-materialize as an UI to save and edit hyperlinks (the original concept of this project)