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Mythic Meta Configuration Information

Docker Templates and PyPi Package Source Code used in Mythic

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  1. Mythic_External_Agent Mythic_External_Agent Public

    Template repo for hooking 3rd party agents into Mythic while hosting them on external GitHub Repos

    42 14

  2. Mythic_Scripting Mythic_Scripting Public

    Mythic Scripting PyPi package - mythic

    Python 12 8

  3. MythicContainer MythicContainer Public

    GoLang package for creating Mythic Payload Types, C2 Profiles, Translation Services, WebHook listeners, and Loggers

    Go 11 7

  4. Mythic_Docker_Templates Mythic_Docker_Templates Public

    Templates and code for Dockerfiles with images hosted at

    Dockerfile 8 5

  5. Mythic_CLI Mythic_CLI Public archive

    Golang CLI binaries to replace the bash scripts controlling Mythic

    Go 7 7

  6. Documentation Documentation Public

    Backing documentation for

    7 8


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