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Flood remade for garrysmod
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  1. [MS] Mythic (Mythikos) - for development of serverside and clientside code.
  2. Freezebug - for development of serverside code.
  3. Nebual - for the development of NADMOD and permission to use it in our gamemode.


  1. Drop the flood folder into your gamemode folder. Simple as that.

flood_build_time - Time allowed for building (def: 240)
flood_flood_time - Time between build phase and fight phase (def: 20)
flood_fight_time - Time allowed for fighting (def: 300)
flood_reset_time - Time after fight phase to allow water to drain and other ending tasks (def: 40 - Dont recommend changing)
flood_participation_cash - Amount of cash given to a player every 5 seconds of being alive (def: 50)
flood_bonus_cash - Amount of cash given to the winner of a round (def: 300)
flood_wh_enabled - Does the water hurt players - 1=true 2=false (def: 1)
flood_wh_damage - How much damage a player takes per cycle (def: 1)


Projects to use flood:

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