Running Gasoline

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Initial Conditions and Parameter File

Gasoline requires a pair of files to begin a simulation: an initial condition which contains the initial properties of the gas/star/dark matter particles to be evolved, and a parameter file that configures the simulation options. Parameters can also be passed on the command line, but parameter files are preferred for better reproducibility. In the simplest case, you can run gasoline with the parameter file as the first command line argument:

./gasoline simulation.param

Generally, you will also want to run in parallel, using mpirun and 64 cores, for example:

mpirun -np 64 ./gasoline simulation.param

If you are running with metal cooling, you will need to copy the file cooltable_xdr, which contains the pre-calculated cooling rates, to your run directory.


The parameters used in both Gasoline and ChaNGa are compatible with each other. You can find the description of these parameters here.

You can get some example intial conditions and parameter files from the wiki page on Initial Conditions.

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