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A sample version of ygopro in Unity
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Notes for MyCard Helper

The official site of MyCard is .

This project includes MyCard module ./Assets/SibylSystem/MyCard/MyCardHelper.cs which allows players to play ranked matches in MyCard server intracting with MyCard API. However, it's highly recommended to contact MyCard before redistributing this project or including ./Assets/SibylSystem/MyCard/MyCardHelper.cs in other projects.

Please send emails to for further information.

You have just found ygopro v2 in Unity 3D!

YGOPro v2 is a card simulation game created in Unity Engine, with same protocol to ygopro.

The game is now being tested in china now, with at least 100,000 users ( about 30% active users ), which is calculated from the downloads of our weekly updating packages.

We use Yu-Gi-Oh card game only to test our engine, and the game is not for commercial use. When our card game engine is finally finished in about several years, all the contents about Yu-Gi-Oh will be deleted.

How to compile the game?

  1. Download Unity 5.6.7 (

  2. Clone the repository.

  3. Double click Assets\main.unity to open the solution.

How to compile the、 (Android)

In most case you do not need to care about the、

cd AI_core_vs2017solution/build/android


cp -f -r libs ../../../Assets/Plugins/Android/

How to compile the (Linux)

In most case you do not need to care about the

cd AI_core_vs2017solution/build/gmake.linux

make config=release

make config=release32

cp -f -r ../../bin/* ../../../Assets/Plugins/

How to compile the ocgcore.dll、sqlite3.dll? (Windows)

In most case you do not need to care about the ocgcore.dll、sqlite3.dll.

Download "C++ for Windows"

cd AI_core_vs2017solution/build/

make config=release

make config=release32

cp -f -r ../../bin/* ../../../Assets/Plugins/

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