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WordPress Arabic Posts Styling

A plugin to add custom style and fonts for Arabic posts


  • Upload arabic-post-style folder to your plugins directory
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Activate the plugin
  • Go to a post or page to manage the new settings


WP Hooks


  • arabic_post_style_loaded
    • plugin loaded


  • arps_fonts_list
    • parameters: $list
    • Array if fonts list
  • arps_posts_styles
    • parameters: $final_styles
    • The final css added to the page header using wp_head action hook
  • arps_meta_box_post_types
    • parameters: $post_types
    • List of post types to add Arabic settings meta box to, default [ 'page', 'post' ]
  • arps_new_settings
    • parameters: $new_settings , $post_id
    • Styling settings for that $post_id to save
    • if this filter returned (boolean) false settings won't be saved
  • arps_post_settings
    • parameters: $settings , $post_id
    • Retrieved styling settings for that $post_id
  • arps_is_arabic_post
    • parameters: $is_arabic , $post_id
    • If this post $post_id is Arabic post true or not false

Contact if there are any problems

Hope you find it helpful :)

License: GNU General Public License, version 2,