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Grav plugin to provide a file browser / directory listing for website visitors
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Grav File Browser Plugin

The File Browser plugin for Grav is a highly-configurable solution for providing visitors with a file browser/directory listing.


The preferred method of installation is via the GPM, which makes it easy to keep the plugin up-to-date.

$ bin/gpm install file-browser

Manual installation

Alternatively, you can download the zip version of this repository, unzip to /your/site/grav/user/plugins and rename directory to file-browser.


By default, the plugin is configured to source files from user://files, which doesn't usually exist and will need to be created. Typically this will resolve to user/files, but if you're using a multi-site setup, it will resolve to user/sites/{site-name}/files.


  • enabled: (bool) Plugin status.
  • built_in_css: (bool) Whether to load the built-in CSS.
  • load_font_awesome: (bool) Whether to load Font Awesome Free.
  • source: (text) URI for file directory (eg. user://files).
  • show_hidden_files: (bool) Whether to show hidden files.
  • default_view: (tile/list) Default view for the file browser.
  • base_to_extend: (text) Twig template to extend (eg. partials/base.html.twig).

Font Awesome Pro

  • use_alt_arrows: (bool) Whether to use fa-arrow-alt-* for navigation controls.
  • icon_weight: (fas/far/fal) Font Awesome variant to use.

File icons

  • file_icon_default: (text) Default icon to use for files.
  • show_thumbnails: (bool) Whether to generate thumbnails.
  • thumbnail_types: (text, comma separated) File types to generate thumbnails for.
  • file_specific_icons: Whether to use specific icons for defined file types.
  • colourise_icons: (bool) Whether to colourise specific icon types.
  • file_icon_types: (list) Font Awesome icon: comma-separated list of extensions (eg. fa-file-video: 'mp4, mov').

Per-page configuration

All configuration options can be overridden on a per-page basis simply by adding the same keys to the template page under a key called file_browser:. For example:

title: Raw Pages
  source: "user://pages"

To Do

  • Build an admin panel for managing files.
  • Make file-specific icon colouring configurable via the config file.
  • Include template for modular pages.
  • Implement shortcode insertion.
  • Add support for sourcing files from outside of Grav.
  • Translations: Please send me pull requests!


MIT license. See LICENSE

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