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Grav plugin for displaying Font Awesome icons using :emoji: syntax


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Markdown Font Awesome Plugin

The Markdown Font Awesome plugin for Grav allows you to use Font Awesome icons inline with markdown by wrapping the icon name in colons (Github/Slack "emoji style"):

Font Awesome flag icon

Note: N-Parsons/grav-plugin-markdown-fontawesome is the new master repository for this plugin (see getgrav/grav#2544).


The plugin works by looking for colon-wrapped icon names starting with fas fa-, far fa-, fal fa-, fad fa-, or fab fa- (or fa fa- for Font Awesome 4), and converting them to <i> tags. Additional classes (including fa-spin, etc.) may be specified by including them at the end. Primarily for legacy reasons, the plugin also supports a shortened prefix format, namely fa-, which works for both Font Awesome 4 and 5, and inserts <i class="fa fas fa-*"></i>.

This plugin doesn't contain the actual Font Awesome fonts, so make sure you are using a plugin or theme (such as Learn2 or Antimatter) that include the Font Awesome assets.


This plugin conflicts with definition lists in Markdown Extra; if enabled, icons appearing at the start of a line (with no non-whitespace character preceeding them) will be treated as part of a definition list and will be broken. This currently appears to be the only conflict.

If this conflict with Markdown Extra is an issue for you, you can either switch to Shortcode Core, or disable Markdown Extra per-page by adding the following to the page frontmatter:

  extra: false


GPM (preferred method)

You can install the plugin by running bin/gpm install markdown-fontawesome or searching for markdown-fontawesome in the Admin Panel.

Manual installation

Alternatively, you can download the zip version of this repository, unzip to /your/site/grav/user/plugins and rename the directory to markdown-fontawesome.


The markdown-fontawesome.yaml file contains only one configuration option, which turns the plugin on/off.

enabled: true


Grab a cup of :fas fa-coffee: and write some :fal fa-code:

Will produce the following HTML:

Grab a cup of <i class="fas fa-coffee"></i> and write some <i class="fal fa-code"></i>

Extra classes

Additional classes can be specified by appending them after the icon name.

  • :fa-code fa-spin: -> <i class="fa fa-code fa-spin"></i>
  • :fas fa-code fa-spin icon: -> <i class="fas fa-code fa-spin icon"></i>
  • :far fa-code literally any other classes: -> <i class="far fa-code literally any other classes"></i>

Known limitations

  • Conflicts with Markdown Extra definition lists. If Markdown Extra is enabled, icons cannnot be placed at the start of a line and must have at least one non-whitespace character preceeding them.
  • Icon names are not validated, so html tags are created even for non-existent icons like :fa-not-a-real-icon:.


If you prefer shortcode syntax, consider using the Grav Shortcode Plugin which also supports Font Awesome via [fa=cog extra=fas /].


MIT license. See LICENSE


This plugin was originally developed by yoshikin. It was inspired by the python markdown extension fontawesome-markdown and the first version was based on code from the Grav Markdown Color Plugin.