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RIOT API Developers Challenge April 2016

Live App HERE


The provided interface gives information about:

  • A player's top champions;
  • A player's progression over mastery of all champions;
  • A player's game team mastery of champions played in this game;
  • Best players for a given champion;
  • A quizz on a player's mastered champions;
  • Recommendation on the next champion to buy to either diversify a player's gameplay or specialize before the end of the API contest.

How to use

Go to the Live App and enter a summoner name; you'll gain access to this player mastery info. Depending on how far development went :

  • Progression tab is your progression over mastering all champions
  • Top 12 is your top 12 most mastered champions ranked in descending order
  • Champion would give you a way to compare a champion mastery with other players / share with Facebook to come
  • Team is your current game team mastery for each player chosen champion
  • Quizz will be a quizz concerning your best champions
  • Leaderboards should show you who masters a given champion the most / Comparison with friends to come

Install on your server?

Requires Node >= 6.1.0 & a RIOT Developer API Key

$ git clone https://github.com/N0bl3/leagueofmasteries.git

$ cd leagueofmasteries

$ npm install

$ set NODE_ENV=production

$ set RIOT_API={Your API KEY}

$ npm start

Software used

Thanks to all above software contributors

Why did i enter the contest?

As a self taught JS developer, I wanted to prove to myself that i could design a fully functional web-app & that's when i landed on LoL home-page telling about RIOT API Developers Challenge April 2016! What a great topic to work on! My favourite game craves for new talents! As soon as i read the contest rules i jumped in. I didn't have a clear idea of what to do at first, but the idea was to make the most out of what was provided.


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