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A Second Life viewer with Lua-based plugins to extend and modify your world, your way.
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Luna Viewer

A Short Introduction

Luna is a viewer created to allow you to define your Second Life experience the way you want.
Not only will you be allowed to change the existing experience in a subtle, simple way typical of most other viewers, but you'll be able to add features, remove others, and change them without knowing how to be a computer programmer.

You may be asking yourself how this is possible.

Luna uses a powerful scripting language called Lua. Lua allows you to do everything done within the Second Life engine, but without touching a single line of C++ code. Events are evaluated and distributed between Lua plugins, which take actions on these events, drawing the screen, changing animations, and displaying feedback. And it's all done on the fly, without compiling or disrupting performance.

Plugins are activated by simply dropping them into the plugins folder and restarting the Lua engine, taking a fraction of a second to complete. In case of an error, your client will not crash - the Lua engine will halt and wait to be restarted, allowing you to make the repair while still being logged in.

Other Features

Lua is not the only item Luna has to offer.


Luna is based off of the powerful and sleek Singularity viewer, offering many client-side features and tools not offered by the base Second Life viewer. Many of the features that were present in the now-infamous Emerald viewer were re-implemented in Ascent.


This viewer incoorporates many security features designed to protect you from crashes and spam. Twisted Laws contributed several patches and sections of code that eliminate dialogue spam and NeilLife crashers simply by going into Busy Mode.

Support & Help

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email me at

Unfortunately, due to a personal conflict with Linden Lab, I do not currently have any in-world support for Luna. I will try to frequent InWorldz, but due to a college course, I cannot guarantee that I will be available.

Rob "N3X15" Nelson

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