Collection of sample terrain generators for TerraBukkit
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A shitty terrain generation override plugin for TerraBukkit by N3X15 and PrettyPony.

Licensed under the Open Source BSD license.


Compiling TerraBukkit requires:

  • Sun Java JDK 1.6
  • Maven 3

After installing the prerequisites, simply execute mvn clean package.


Spade REQUIRES the TerraBukkit fork of Bukkit to operate correctly.

After replacing craftbukkit.jar with TerraBukkit, simply dump Spade.jar into the plugins/ folder and start TerraBukkit. You can then configure Spade as according to the wiki.

Acknowledgements and Contributions

Spade includes the following modified libraries to perform terrain generation.

  • libnoise for java
    • Added Simplex functions, frequency/amplitude modifiers
  • ToxiLib's Simplex Noise
    • Made seedable, added frequency/amplitude functions
    • Added a system that generates X octaves of Simplex (as opposed to Perlin)
    • Corrected implementation
  • Minecraft's terrain population classes (Out of date, Deprecated)
    • Made more customizable
    • Phasing out in favor of completely custom populators