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Notification for the shutdown of the Contriboard service 18.6.2017!

Hello fellow user of our Contriboard service!

We are sorry to announce that we are going to shut down the Contriboard as a free service!
We would like to thank you all for your presence in our service.

If you want to save your current data you should login in the Contriboard service during
12.6.2017-17.6.2017 and make a copy if needed.

We will remove all data and shutdown service 18.6.2017 at 14:00 EET

All data will be destroyed after shutdown and there is no need for further actions by you.

Contriboard service was a example of lean startup experiment by N4S@JAMK team. You will find us from
Contriboard service was developed during DIMECC's Strategic Research Program called N4S (Need for Speed) during 2014-2016.

We would like to thank you TEKES / DIMECC and other stakeholders who made this happen!

Thank you!
Marko "NarsuMan" Rintamäki & Jouni Huotari