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A new tool to support brainstorming!

What is the Contriboard service?

Contriboard service can be considered as a virtual whiteboard, which can be used for efficient brainstorming either by individual people or bigger groups. People can use it to collect new ideas and thoughts into a digital "flip chart". Boards created with the service can have different backgrounds as a base to work on, either provided or self-made. It's possible to use it for working in any location or even on the road, and all actions on the board can immediately be seen by all participants.

How to use the service?

The user can use his own email to sign in to the Contriboard service, after which he is able to create new boards in the workspace. He can choose a background as a base to work on by selecting one from the provided backgrounds or by creating one of his own. The user can invite friends, coworkers or anyone who might be interested into his board by sending them a board specific URL-link. It takes only an Internet browser and a connection to start using Contriboard.

Why should you use Contriboard?

The service has a very simple and linear using logic, which makes it easy to use even with larger groups. The ideas collected with the service can be quickly converted to simple text or image format, after which the collected data can be easily used or shared for example by email with the people who attended the brainstorming.

Where can I find more information about the service?

Contriboard's Facebook

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