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Contriboard-noise-tester is a highly experimental project made during the N4S@JAMK Challenge Factory 2015. This tool is used during the Contriboard development process.

With contriboard-noise-tester we are able to create a configurable network inside a docker container. That way we are able to simulate different kinds of network conditions such as delay, latency and packetloss.

This repository will build a docker container that will run a small express web server with management gui and api. The docker container also has a haxproxy to redirect trafic.

###How does it work? See the following chart to understand the inner workings of the noise-tester. lucidchart

####Install docker If you dont yet have docker installed to your machine run: sh

####Build the docker container sh This will build a new dockerimage from this repository, remove the old one and start up a new fresh docker container.

To use different set of ports, you can modify the file and change the first parts of -p parameter. For example if you want that you can access your contriboard in port 5000 instead of 80, you can change the -p 80:8001 to -p 5300:8001.

####Start contriboard with custom enviroment variables First make sure that you have started contriboard-api and contriboard-io at your vagrant machine.

There is a ready made script called in the contriboard-start folder when you cloned the development repository. You can also start the io and api services in separate tabs. (Hint: vagrant global-status, vagrant ssh <id>, cd teamboard-io / cd teamboard-api and npm start for both)

If you are sure the io and api services are already running, then you can just:

sh This will connect to your vagrant machine via ssh and kill old contriboard nodejs process and start a new one with correct enviroment variables.

Note: You may need to edit in case your network interface is something else than eth0!

####Configure the targets Access the management GUI at: http://localhost:8002

Click on Set targets and set the URL:s where you want the trafic to be delayed and relayed to. Most likely you want to delay the trafic on your local install so you would set:

  • CB Client: <ip of your machine>:8000
  • CB API: <ip of your machine>:9002
  • CB IO: <ip of your machine>:9001

You can get your ip address by typing hostname -I to your bash.

Now to access your contriboard install go to: http://localhost:80


You are able to send configuration parameters in application/json format to configure the noise container.


Method: PUT

Parameters: limit, delay, delayvariance, corrupt, duplicate, loss, reorder, rate

Usage: This will set the noise emulation.


    "delay": 10,
    "loss": 5,
    "corrupt": 1


Method: PUT

JSON parameters: limit, delay, delayvariance, corrupt, duplicate, loss, reorder, rate Other parameters: loop, jsonscript(of json parameters)

Usage: Will start running the defined parameters. This is similar to /limit but with set time delays.

Example: In the begining (at 0 seconds) loss will be set to 20% and delay to 5ms. After 5 seconds from the script start loss is set to 10% and delay to 2ms.

    "jsonscript": {
        "0": {
            "loss": 20,
            "delay": 5
        "5": {
            "loss": 10,
            "delay": 2
    "loop": 0


Method: PUT

Usage: This will reset all delays and settings to 0.

Parameter description

limit (packet amount) Limits the effect of selected options to the indicated number of next packets.

delay (milliseconds) Delay packet traffic by set amount.

delayvariance (milliseconds) REQUIRES delay. Optional parameter for delay which introduces a delay variation.

corrupt (percent) Allows the emulation of random noise introducing an error in a random position for a chosen percent of packets.

duplicate (percent) Duplicates the chosen percent of packets before queuing them.

loss (percent) Adds an independent loss probability to the packets outgoing from the chosen network interface.

reorder (percent) REQUIRES delay. Set percent of packets are sent immediately, while others are delayed by set delay time

rate (bits) Delay packets based on packet size.


Noise tester for Contriboard




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