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NuxKits is a plugin that dispenses kits to players.


  • First, you need the PermissionsEX plugin (here).
  • Download the latest jar here.
  • Copy the downloaded jar file into the plugins folder and rename it to "NuxKits.jar".


The configuration file is : plugins/NuxKits/config.yml

Example :

kits :
    myFirstKit :
        GRASS : 13
        GOLD_ORE  : 2
        GLASS : -1    
    arrows : 
        BOW : 1
        ARROW : 128

Materials can be find here. With negative numbers, the plugin will take the user's material. Never use tabulations, only four spaces.

Permissions' nodes

  • nuxkits.reload
  • nuxkits.give.<kitName>


Type "/NuxKits help" in the Minecraft's chat.