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Slicer Custom App Template

Key Investigators

  • Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin (Kitware)
  • Tristan Watts-Willis (Verdure Imagin)
  • Tamas Ungi (Queen's University)
  • Andras Lasso (Queen's University)

Project Description

SlicerCustomAppTemplate is a starting point for creating a custom 3D Slicer-based application. 3D Slicer have been used to develop research and commercial applications by customizing GUI, removing unnecessary modules, and adding custom functionality.


  1. Provide example of a custom application based on Slicer

Approach and Plan

  1. Test existing Slicer customization options
  2. Provide examples/tutorials on how to use them
  3. Fix any issues we run into

Progress and Next Steps

  • Identified issue related to CustomApp versioning and working on a fix

  • Finalizing topic to improve both KitwareMedical/SlicerCustomAppTemplate and Slicer/Slicer

    • cookiecutter learned new parameters: app_name, app_version_major, app_version_minor, app_version_patch and app_description_summary
    • introduced file slicer-application-properties.cmake now required in each application. For example:
      • Slicer/Application/SlicerApp/slicer-application-properties.cmake
      • CustomApp/App1/slicer-application-properties.cmake
      • CustomApp/App2/slicer-application-properties.cmake
  • Improved SlicerCustomAppTemplate to support packaging of Superbuild based extension

  • Fixed openigtlink/SlicerOpenIGTLink to support integration in Custom application.

  • Next steps:


Improved cookiecutter settings

Background and References