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TEE Calibration
IGT module tutorial blog development
## Key Investigators
- Leah Groves (Robarts)
- Goli (Robarts)
# Project Description
1. Develop a slicer module for TEE probe calibration.
1. Finalize IGT module development blog
2. Present and get feedback on a IGT module development blog.
## Objective
Project 1:
1. Stream TEE images to slicer
2. Stream tracking data to slicer
3. Use the point to line registration algorithm to perform calibration
4. Have a working module.
Project 2:
1. Finalize the blog.
2. Get and apply feedback
## Approach and Plan
1. Describe planned approach to reach objectives.
1. ...
1. ...
1. Describe the general architecture of Slicer and bring together all the required resources for developing a Slicer IGT module. This inlcudes providing video tutorial examples, skeleton code, and clear written descriptions.
2. Develop an easy to navigate blog.
## Progress and Next Steps
<!--Describe progress and next steps in a few bullet points as you are making progress.-->
# Illustrations
<!--Add pictures and links to videos that demonstrate what has been accomplished.-->
<!--![Description of picture](Example2.jpg)-->
<!--![Some more images](Example2.jpg)-->
# Background and References
<!--Use this space for information that may help people better understand your project, like links to papers, source code, or data.-->
- Source code:
- Documentation:
- Test data:
1. This blog is now completed, achieving all afforementioned objectives.
2. This blog is currently available online at
3. Moving forward, this website will be hosted as part of the Slicer documentation.
4. The blog will become more general, including tutorials on other topics.

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