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NAM 2016 Hack Day


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A hack day is what you make of it -- come with random ideas for projects, get started on something you've been wanting to try for ages, apply your skills to help others with their projects, or a bit of everything!

Hack days are very flexible and un(dis?)organised affairs, so many participants won't decide what projects they want to pitch or work on until the day. However, a bit of planning rarely hurts, so if you've got an idea you want to work on or some skills you want to volunteer, add it to the lists linked below. Feel free to add your name and comments to any projects that you're interested in.

To edit these pages you need to be signed in to GitHub. If you don't already have an account, it only takes a few seconds to create one and access to GitHub will be useful for the Hack Day.

Hack projects

Hack ideas

People and skills

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