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A Python package for small bodies research
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A Python Module for Small-Body Planetary Astronomy

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sbpy is a community effort to build a Python package for small-body planetary astronomy in the form of an astropy affiliated package.

The goal is to collect and implement well-tested and well-documented code for the scientific study of asteroids and comets, including (but not limited to):

  • observation planning tools tailored to moving objects,
  • photometry models for resolved and unresolved observations,
  • wrappers and tools for astrometry and orbit fitting,
  • spectroscopy analysis tools and models for reflected solar light and emission from gas,
  • cometary gas and dust coma simulation and analysis tools,
  • asteroid thermal models for flux estimation and size/albedo estimation,
  • image enhancement tools for comet comae and PSF subtraction tools,
  • lightcurve and shape analysis tools, and
  • access tools for various databases for orbital and physical data, as well as ephemerides services.

This package is under heavy development and currently provides only very limited functionality. The full functionality is planned to be established by mid-2021. sbpy is supported by NASA PDART Grant No. 80NSSC18K0987.


The official documentation is available here.

More information

More information on sbpy are available on the official sbpy website.


This project is Copyright (c) sbpy team and licensed under the terms of the BSD 3-Clause license. See the license file for more information.

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