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Backend scripts for PaleBlueDot

These are necessary, because the epic server from Nasa is too slow:

  • for serving out the daily json files,
  • for serving the image files if you are not close to the server.

We solve these issues by:

  • recompressing the image files,
  • sharing them on a maxcdn push zone,
  • putting all the relevant json information in one big json file, instead of daily.

To install these scripts on a server, we had to:

cd ~
mkdir nasa
cd nasa
# upload all files from this directory to this new nasa directory
mkdir cdn image-day-done nasajsons nasajsons-fixed tmp upload-day-done
echo >.sshpw
  SSHPASS=<maxcdn password comes here>
crontab -e
  11 19 * * *      cd ~/nasa && ./
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