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Releases: NASAWorldWind/WorldWindAndroid


02 Feb 20:46
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WCS configuration from capabilities document, label outline color, ellipse shapes (surface and 3D), Javadoc continuous deployment

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Download release 0.8.0 or grab via Gradle:

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23 Aug 01:04
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Basic line-of-sight visualization, improved memory usage near the poles, established Maven snapshot artifacts on

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Download release 0.7.0 or grab via Gradle:

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05 May 21:13
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Global terrain and vertical exaggeration, OGC Web Map Service capabilities-based layer configuration, OGC Web Map Tile Service support (NSG profile only), OGC GeoPackage support (NSG Profile only), OGC Web Coverage Service support (elevations only), HTTPS map services, text label improvements

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01 Oct 00:42
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World Wind Android v0.5.0 adds new functionality for rendering text labels on the globe, and adds enhanced shape attributes for displaying dashed polylines and polygon fill patterns. Detailed change notes can be found in the v0.5.0 Milestone.


  • Dashed shape outlines (#63)
  • Repeating textures for shape interiors (#64)
  • Screen text (#7)
  • Reduce the near clip distance (#13)
  • Altitude mode (#8)
  • Text rendering support (#9)


19 Aug 23:51
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World Wind Android v0.4.0 adds new functionality for rendering paths and polygons on the surface or above ground, with optional extrusions. This release also includes region picking, the ability to pick all features within a user-defined rectangular region. Also included in this release is the new Tutorials App.



30 Jun 22:23
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World Wind Android v0.3.0 adds new functionality and improvements designed to support large quantities of placemarks. Additionally, this release increases the memory available to application-defined placemark images, and reduces the memory used by World Wind's built-in map background layers and WMS layers.


  • Atom WMS server testing and support (WWA-8)
  • Android x86 support (WWA-22)
  • MIL-STD-2525 level of detail example (WWA-78)
  • Update to Android Studio 2.x (WWA-88)
  • Bitmap factory image source (WWA-89)
  • Crash on Nexus 9 when GL buffer object evicted from render cache (WWA-90)
  • Placemark level of detail selector (WWA-92)
  • Example for placemark shared attributes and resource managment (WWA-93)
  • WmsGetMapUrlFactory URL query delimiter (WWA-95)
  • WmsLayer ignores Globe object argument (WWA-96)
  • Increase memory available to bitmap image sources (WWA-97)
  • Reduce memory used by background images and WMS layer images (WWA-98)


16 Jun 18:36
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World Wind Android v0.2.6 contains critical bug fixes for v0.2.5. See the release notes for details.


  • Cancelled MotionEvents cause erratic navigation and exceptions (WWA-82)
  • FrustumTest unit test fails to compile (WWA-83)
  • Rhumb line distance and location calculations occasionally wrong on E/W courses (WWA-84)
  • NavigatorEvents are not detectable for all gestures (WWA-85)


01 Jun 00:02
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World Wind Android v0.2.5 provides support for 'picking', a feature that enables applications to determine the World Wind objects displayed at a screen point. This capability is accessible via the method WorldWindow.pick(). Along with the core capability, two examples demonstrate how developers can use picking in their own apps: PlacemarksPickingActivity and PlacemarksSelectDragActivity.


  • Picking (WWA-16)
  • Blank screen when EGL context lost (WWA-76)


13 May 23:06
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World Wind Android v0.2.0 adds support for screen placemarks and navigation events. The World Wind Android v0.2.0 examples demonstrate support for MIL-STD-2525C tactical icons by using NASA World Wind's point placemark to display images generated by the US Army Mission Command's MIL-STD-2525 symbol rendering library.

This release establishes World Wind support for threaded rendering. Applications are now able to access World Wind components from the Activity thread without any synchronization, while World Wind executes OpenGL commands on Android's OpenGL rendering thread.


  • Navigation Events (WWA-4)
  • Screen placemark (WWA-11)
  • MIL-STD-2525 support (WWA-33)
  • Bitmap image source (WWA-68)
  • WMS layer makes requests outside layer bounds (WWA-70)
  • Threaded rendering (WWA-71)
  • Performance metrics (WWA-72)


30 Mar 23:59
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World Wind Android's initial prototype release. This release establishes the baseline for World Wind Android development. It provides a basic navigable 3D globe capable of displaying imagery from OGC Web Map Service (WMS) layers, has support for displaying local and remote images on the globe, and provides a rich interface for manipulating the virtual camera.


  • Surface image (WWA-2)
  • Navigation (WWA-3)
  • WMS image layer (WWA-6)
  • Android example apps (WWA-20)
  • Android project structure (WWA-57)
  • Rendering infrastructure (WWA-59)
  • Vector and geographic primitives (WWA-60)
  • Navigation gesture detectors (WWA-61)
  • WorldWindow (WWA-62)
  • Global tessellation (WWA-63)
  • Units tests for version 0.1.0 (WWA-64)
  • Stub classes for version 0.1.0 (WWA-65)
  • Logging infrastructure (WWA-66)