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Stay Free With Us

NASGO decentralized networks open up endless opportunities to conduct global e-commerce with trusted blockchain technology. Immune to a single point of failure, NASGO connects publishers and developers to a global community of clients, who enjoy it’s simple to use solutions.

Dapp Store

NASGO's Dapp Store will give SMEs unprecedented access to hundreds of millions of customers in a decentralized way.NASGO Dapps are blockchain based applications which operate on their own custom sidechain. Allowing developers to create decentralized applications which use NSG as an internal currency / token. Each Dapp has its own unique private side chain which operates in synchronization with the NASGO block time and current block height.

Pegged Sidechain

NASGO system provides a development tool by which developers can easily create a basic sidechain system. Developers are also able to fully customize their sidechain system, including its own database, consensus algorithm, trading mode and account architecture.

Custom Assets

NASGO provides an easy-to-use client that you can issue a blockchain asset without writting even a line of code. These assets can be traded with NASGO transferred in sidechain in a decentralized way, and with any other currencies in a centralized exchange.