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NavHub Guides - News
Craig MacGregor
What can I write
How can I post an article

News, Updates & Articles


{{< big_text >}} The NavHub News isn't just about reporting on what the NavCoin Core developers are doing. It's a place where any NavCoin community member can showcase the work they are contributing to this decentralised project. {{< /big_text >}}

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{{< text_block title="Who can write to NavHub?" >}} You! The news section is a decentralised publication about all the things happening in the NavCoin community. We’ve implemented an Content Management System to the site as a way for non-developers to add their articles. There’s still a few steps that need to take place, so be sure to read this guide if you want to contribute. {{< /text_block >}}

What can I write

{{< info_tiles category="news" >}}

How can I post an article

{{< text_block title="Step 1: Getting you started" >}}

  1. To add a new article to NavHub, you must first have a GitHub account. If you don't have one, sign up here.

  2. Then go to NavHub Admin.

3. Login with your GitHub account, authorise the NavHub App and you will now see this dashboard.

4. To add a new News Article click the New News button at the top right of the centre column. {{< /text_block >}}

{{< text_block title="Step 2: Add your title, author name, and featured image." >}}

  1. Once you entered the article editing mode, you can start by adding your title and name. The publish date will be automaticly set for you to today's date. You can pick the relavant keyword as your category News, Article, Blog, Story, Software Update etc .


2. Featured images should be 984 x 642 with any text vertically centred like so:

hero image

The vertical centring of the text is important for when the image is cropped into a thumbnail for the /news listings page as shown below:


There are numbers of online tools which allow you to easily create a feature image like Canva, and we cherry pick the best feature image from Unsplash . In terms of the design style, we recommened you to follow the NavCoin Brand Guideline, but totally fine to come up with your own style to surpise the community!

{{< /text_block >}}

{{< text_block title="Step 3: Writing the body." >}}
When writing the body of the post, make sure you specify the excerpt of the post to display on the /news listing page. You can do this by inserting the <!–-more-–> tag where you want the excerpt to end. write body The first paragraph of your post will be used as the excerpt and won’t display on the actual news item. If you want the excerpt to be the first paragraph of the news article, you will need to repeat the first paragraph before and after the <!–-more-–> tag. Continue to format your post, you can insert images, headings, lists, links and more.

If you are still confused, you can look at how the old post was done, check out how we did NavCoin 4.5.0 Is Now Available! article here.

Once you’re happy with the post, click the Save button up the top on the left.

{{< /text_block >}}

{{< text_block title="Step 3: Commit and create a pull request" >}}

  1. When you save your article, new options will show up on the top bar. Go the the Set Status dropdown and choose In Review.

A pull request will be automatically opened on NavHub GitHub repository. Find your pull request here.
Tips: Pull requests let you tell others about the changes you are about to make to the website, the changes won't happen straight away until it's approved by 4 other contributors.

  1. You can preview your changes by clicking show all checks and then the Details link next to the Netlify deploy preview.

3. Add Reviewers

{{< /text_block >}}

{{< text_block title="Congrats!" >}}
Well done! You just created your article on NavHub!

Again, this won't go live straight away because any change to the site needs to be reviewed by the community members. To speed things up, it would be greate to share your pull request link to dicord.

{{< /text_block >}}

How do i get involved

{{< text_block title="From NavHub to the Community Fund" >}}

1. If you think you have a greate idea and wish to delivery a major improvement to to the NavCoin ecosystem, it would be greate to communicate with other NavCoin members,and submit your idea to the <a href="" target=e class="a-guide">Discord News Channel</a>.
2. Disuss and refine your news ideas with the community members and get some buy-ins.
3. Pulish the polished idea onto <a href="" class="a-guide" target=e>Nav Collab</a>.
4. Great! Now you can apply for the NavCoin Community Fund with has a link to you the project on Nav Collab and get paid for working and deliverying you ideas. <a href="" target=e class="a-guide">Check out the community fund page here</a>.

{{< /text_block >}}

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