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NavHub Guides - Testing
Here is what you can help
So what now

Testing NavCoin Products


{{< big_text >}} Testing is a critical part of open source software - particularly in crypto where there is a financial incentive for people to try attack the network. Testing can help identify any bugs, and improve the overall user experience. And you don’t have to be a developer to help test NavCoin! Anyone can download the latest ‘release candidate wallet’ and give their feedback via GitHub. {{< /big_text >}}

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{{< quote image="/images/guides/testing/carter.jpeg" text="Testing shouldn’t sound scary at all, if you are not into the programming space, you can do very well in testing as a user just the same! There are lots of digital products and software built by the active NavCoin community, tell us how you feel about using a certain product, what may have confused you and what would you suggest to improve!" author="Carter X" link_href="" link_text=""


Here is what you can help

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So what now

It doesn’t matter if you have an idea - come say hi in our discord channel!

{{< text_block title="From NavHub to the Community Fund" >}}
1. If you think you have a greate idea and wish to delivery a major improvement to to the NavCoin ecosystem, it would be greate to communicate with other NavCoin members,and submit your idea to the Discord Testing Channel.

2. Disuss and refine your news ideas with the community members and get some buy-ins.

3. Pulish the polished idea onto Nav Collab.

4. Great! Now you can apply for the NavCoin Community Fund with has a link to you the project on Nav Collab and get paid for working and deliverying you ideas. Check out the community fund page here. {{< /text_block >}}