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Netlify Status

Maintained by the global NAV community

Contributing to the site

Anyone can contribute to the site by making a pull request with the changes you'd like to see included.

Bounty Program

There is a bounty program which you can get paid in NAV for contributing to this websites.

To make sure you are eligible to claim a bounty please follow these simple steps;

  1. Check the issues list for issues tagged with bounty or make your own issue and tag it with bounty-review to have it reviewed and assigned a bounty.
  2. Comment on the bounty issue you'd like to work on to claim it and ensure no one else is working on it.
  3. Fork the repository and do the work outlined in the bounty issue.
  4. Make a pull request to the main repository and fill out the pull request template in full.
  5. Once the pull request is reviewed, approved and merged to master the bounty will be paid.

Getting started

For information on running this website locally and editing it, see running_the_site

Shortcode documentation

For information on how to use the shortcodes of this site, see shortcode_documentation


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