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// addnews ready
// mail ready
// translator ready
$skin = httppost('template');
if ($skin > "") {
setcookie("template",$skin,strtotime("+45 days"));
$op = httpget('op');
if ($op=="suicide" && getsetting("selfdelete",0)!=0) {
$userid = httpget('userid');
char_cleanup($userid, CHAR_DELETE_SUICIDE);
$sql = "DELETE FROM " . db_prefix("accounts") . " WHERE acctid='$userid'";
output("Your character has been deleted!");
addnews("`#%s quietly passed from this world.",$session['user']['name']);
addnav("Login Page", "index.php");
$session['user'] = array();
$session['loggedin'] = false;
$session['user']['loggedin'] = false;
} elseif ($op=="forcechangeemail") {
if ($session['user']['alive']){
addnav("Return to the news","news.php");
addnav("Return to the Prefs","prefs.php");
output("`\$The email change request to the address `q\"%s`\$\" has been forced. Links sent will not work anymore.`n`n",$email);
debuglog("Email Change Request from ".$session['user']['emailaddress']." to ".$email." has been forced after the wait period",$session['user']['acctid'],$session['user']['acctid'],"Email");
} elseif ($op=="cancelemail") {
if ($session['user']['alive']){
addnav("Return to the news","news.php");
addnav("Return to the Prefs","prefs.php");
output("`\$The email change request to the address `q\"%s`\$\" has been cancelled. Links sent will not work anymore.`n`n",$email);
debuglog("Email Change Request from ".$session['user']['emailaddress']." to ".$email." has been cancelled",$session['user']['acctid'],$session['user']['acctid'],"Email");
} else {
if ($session['user']['alive']){
addnav("Return to the news","news.php");
$oldvalues = stripslashes(httppost('oldvalues'));
$oldvalues = unserialize($oldvalues);
$post = httpallpost();
//strip unnecessary values
if (count($post)==0){
$pass1 = httppost('pass1');
$pass2 = httppost('pass2');
if ($pass1!=$pass2){
output("`#Your passwords do not match.`n");
if ($pass1!=""){
if (strlen($pass1)>3){
if (substr($pass1,0,5)!="!md5!"){
$pass1 = md5(md5($pass1));
$pass1 = md5(substr($pass1,5));
output("`#Your password has been changed.`n");
output("`#Your password is too short.");
output("It must be at least 4 characters.`n");
$nonsettings = array(
foreach ($post as $key=>$val) {
// If this is one we don't save, skip
if (isset($nonsettings[$key]) && $nonsettings[$key]) continue;
if (isset($oldvalues[$key]) &&
stripslashes($val) == $oldvalues[$key]) continue;
// If this is a module userpref handle and skip
debug("Setting $key to $val");
if (strstr($key, "___")) {
$val = httppost($key);
$x = explode("___", $key);
$module = $x[0];
$key = $x[1];
set_module_pref($key, $val, $module);
$bio = stripslashes(httppost('bio'));
$bio = comment_sanitize($bio);
if ($bio!=comment_sanitize($session['user']['bio'])){
if ($session['user']['biotime']>"9000-01-01") {
output("`\$You cannot modify your bio.");
output("It has been blocked by the administrators!`0`n");
$session['user']['biotime']=date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
$email = httppost('email');
if ($email!=$session['user']['emailaddress']){
if (getsetting('playerchangeemail',0)) {
if (is_email($email)){
if (getsetting("requirevalidemail",0)==1){
$emailverification="x".md5(date("Y-m-d H:i:s").$email);
//cut last char, won't be salved in the DB else!
$subj = translate_mail("LoGD Account Verification",0);
$msg = translate_mail(array("An email change has been requested to this email account.`n`nLogin name: %s `n`n",$shortname));
$confirm = translate_mail(array("In order to confirm it, you will need to click on the link below.`n`n %s`n`nNote: You need to be LOGGED OUT of the game to do so. If you are logged in while clicking, log out and try again.`n`n",$serveraddress,$emailverification),0);
$oldconfirm = translate_mail(array("The validation link has been sent, along with this email address, to the old account to verify your change.`n`n"));
$ownermsg = translate_mail(array("An email change has been requested to the email account %s.`n`nLogin name: %s `n`n",$email,$shortname));
$newvalidationsent = translate_mail(array("The validation will be sent to the new account.`nIf you did NOT request this, somebody with your password got in and requested the change. Go in with your password immediately and change it back. Alter your password, too.`n`n",$shortname,0));
$oldvalidationsent = translate_mail(array("No validation will be sent to the new account, so if you did NOT request this, rest assured, you got this message, not them.`n`n"));
if (getsetting('playerchangeemailauto',0)) {
$changetimeoutwarning=translate_mail(array("Note that if there is no response from this email address the request will automatically be accepted in about %s days.`n`nThis request can be cancelled anytime in your preferences in the game.`n`n",getsetting('playerchangeemaildays',3)));
} else {
$footer = $changetimeoutwarning.translate_mail(array("`n`nThanks for playing!`n`n%s",$serverurl));
if (getsetting("validationtarget",0)==0) {
// old account
} else {
//mail new emailaddress
//mail old email address
//save replacemail
$session['user']['replaceemail']=$email."|".date("Y-m-d H:i:s");
debuglog("Email Change requested from ".$session['user']['emailaddress']." to ".$email,$session['user']['acctid'],$session['user']['acctid'],"Email");
output("`4An email was sent to `\$%s`4 to validate your change. Click the link (`bwhile being logged out!`b) in the email to activate the change. If nothing is done, your email will stay as it is.`0`n`n", translate_inline((getsetting("validationtarget",0)?"your new email address":"your old email address")));
if (getsetting('playerchangeemailauto',0)) {
output("`qNote that if there is no response from this email address the request will automatically be accepted in about %s days.`n`n`\$This request can be cancelled anytime here.`4`n`n",getsetting('playerchangeemaildays',3));
if (getsetting("validationtarget",0)==0) {
output("`\$If you have trouble, please petition. Depending on the policy, we may act to avoid potential abuse.`n`n");
} else {
if (getsetting("validationtarget",0)==0) {
output("`\$If your old account does not exist anymore or you have trouble, please petition. Depending on the policy, we may act to avoid potential abuse.`n`n");
output("`#Your email address has been changed.`n");
debuglog("Email changed from ".$email." to ".$email,$session['user']['acctid'],$session['user']['acctid'],"Email");
if (getsetting("requireemail",0)==1){
output("`#That is not a valid email address.`n");
output("`#Your email address has been changed.`n");
debuglog("Email changed from ".$email." to ".$email,$session['user']['acctid'],$session['user']['acctid'],"Email");
} else {
output("`#Your email cannot be changed, system settings prohibit it.`n");
output("Use the Petition link to ask the server administrator to change your email address if this one is no longer valid.`n");
output("`\$Settings saved!`n`n");
if (!isset($session['user']['prefs']['timeformat'])) $session['user']['prefs']['timeformat'] = "[m/d h:ia]";
"Account Preferences,title",
"email"=>"Email Address",
"Character Preferences,title",
"sexuality"=>"Which sex are you attracted to?,enum,0,male,1,female",
"Note: if you find both attractive then choose one to be your primary. You may change it at any time.,note",
"Display Preferences,title",
"sortedmenus"=>"Menus are sorted by alphabet?,bool",
"tabconfig"=>"Show config sections in tabs,bool",
"forestcreaturebar"=>"Forest Creatures show health ...,enum,0,Only Text,1,Only Healthbar,2,Healthbar AND Text",
"ajax"=>"Turn AJAX on?,bool",
"Note: AJAX refreshes i.e. mail notifications (You have X new mails...) without needing you to reload the page. Turn on and see if it gives your computer a headache or not,note",
"mailwidth"=>"Width of your standard mail reply textbox,int",
"mailheight"=>"Height of your standard mail reply textbox,int",
"popupsize"=>"Size of the mailwindow when it opens,text",
"Note: i.e. 150x120 equals 150 pixels times 120 pixels - keep that format.,note",
"Game Behavior Preferences,title",
"emailonmail"=>"Send email when you get new Ye Olde Mail?,bool",
"systemmail"=>"Send email for system generated messages?,bool",
"dirtyemail"=>"Allow profanity in received Ye Olde Poste messages?,bool",
"timestamp"=>"Show timestamps in commentary?,enum,0,None,1,Real Time [12/25 1:27pm],2,Relative Time (1h35m)",
"timeformat"=>array("Timestamp format (currently displaying time as %s whereas default format is \"[m/d h:ia]\"),string,20",
strtotime("now") + ($session['user']['prefs']['timeoffset'] * 60 * 60))),
"timeoffset"=>array("Hours to offset time displays (%s currently displays as %s)?,int",
strtotime("now") + ($session['user']['prefs']['timeoffset'] * 60 * 60))),
"ihavenocheer"=>"`0Always disable all holiday related text replacements (such as a`1`0l`1`0e => e`1`0g`1`0g n`1`0o`1`0g for December),bool",
"bio"=>"Short Character Biography (255 chars max),string,255",
"nojump"=>"Don't jump to comment areas after refreshing or posting a comment?,bool",
rawoutput("<script language='JavaScript' src='lib/md5.js'></script>");
$warn = translate_inline("Your password is too short. It must be at least 4 characters long.");
rawoutput("<script language='JavaScript'>
function md5pass(){
//encode passwords before submission to protect them even from network sniffing attacks.
var passbox = document.getElementById('pass1');
if (passbox.value.len < 4 && passbox.value.len > 0){
return false;
var passbox2 = document.getElementById('pass2');
if (passbox2.value.substring(0, 5) != '!md5!') {
passbox2.value = '!md5!' + hex_md5(passbox2.value);
if (passbox.value.substring(0, 5) != '!md5!') {
passbox.value = '!md5!' + hex_md5(passbox.value);
return true;
$prefs = $session['user']['prefs'];
$prefs['bio'] = $session['user']['bio'];
$prefs['template'] = $_COOKIE['template'];
if ($prefs['template'] == "")
$prefs['template'] = getsetting("defaultskin", "yarbrough.htm");
if ($prefs['sexuality'] == "") {
$prefs['sexuality'] = !$session['user']['sex'];
if ($prefs['mailwidth'] == "") {
$prefs['mailwidth'] = 60;
if ($prefs['mailheight'] == "") {
$prefs['mailheight'] = 9;
$prefs['email'] = $session['user']['emailaddress'];
// Default tabbed config to true
if (!isset($prefs['tabconfig'])) $prefs['tabconfig'] = 1;
// Okay, allow modules to add prefs one at a time.
// We are going to do it this way to *ensure* that modules don't conflict
// in namespace.
$sql = "SELECT modulename FROM " . db_prefix("modules") . " WHERE infokeys LIKE '%|prefs|%' AND active=1 ORDER BY modulename";
$result = db_query($sql);
$everfound = 0;
$msettings = array();
$mdata = array();
while ($row = db_fetch_assoc($result)) {
$module = $row['modulename'];
$info = get_module_info($module);
if (count($info['prefs']) <= 0) continue;
$tempsettings = array();
$tempdata = array();
$found = 0;
while (list($key, $val) = each($info['prefs'])) {
$isuser = preg_match("/^user_/", $key);
$ischeck = preg_match("/^check_/", $key);
if (is_array($val)) {
$v = $val[0];
$x = explode("|", $v);
$val[0] = $x[0];
$x[0] = $val;
} else {
$x = explode("|", $val);
$type = explode(",", $x[0]);
if (isset($type[1])) $type = trim($type[1]);
else $type = "string";
// Okay, if we have a title section, let's copy over the last
// title section
if (strstr($type, "title")) {
if ($found) {
$everfound = 1;
$found = 0;
$msettings = array_merge($msettings, $tempsettings);
$mdata = array_merge($mdata, $tempdata);
$tempsettings = array();
$tempdata = array();
if (!$isuser && !$ischeck && !strstr($type,"title") &&
!strstr($type, "note"))
if ($isuser) {
$found = 1;
// If this is a check preference, we need to call the modulehook
// checkuserpref (requested by cortalUX)
if ($ischeck) {
$args = modulehook("checkuserpref",
array("name"=>$key, "pref"=>$x[0], "default"=>$x[1]),
false, $module);
if (isset($args['allow']) && !$args['allow']) continue;
$x[0] = $args['pref'];
$x[1] = $args['default'];
$found = 1;
$tempsettings[$module."___".$key] = $x[0];
if (array_key_exists(1, $x)) {
$tempdata[$module."___".$key] = $x[1];
if($found) {
$msettings = array_merge($msettings, $tempsettings);
$mdata = array_merge($mdata, $tempdata);
$everfound = 1;
// If we found a user editable one
if ($everfound) {
// Collect the values
if ($foundmodules!=array()) {
$sql = "SELECT * FROM " . db_prefix("module_userprefs") . " WHERE modulename IN ('".implode("','",$foundmodules)."') AND (setting LIKE 'user_%' OR setting LIKE 'check_%') AND userid='".$session['user']['acctid']."'";
$result1 = db_query($sql);
while($row1 = db_fetch_assoc($result1)) {
$mdata[$row1['modulename']."___".$row1['setting']] = $row1['value'];
$form = array_merge($form, $msettings);
$prefs = array_merge($prefs, $mdata);
if ($session['user']['replaceemail']!='') {
//we have an email change request here
output("`\$There is an email change request pending to the email address `q\"%s`\$\" that was given at the timestamp %s (Server Time Zone).`n",$replacearray[0],$replacearray[1]);
$expirationdate=strtotime("+ ".getsetting('playerchangeemaildays',3)." days",strtotime($replacearray[1]));
if ($autoaccept) {
if ($hoursleft>0) {
output("`n`qIf not cancelled, the option to automatically accept the new email address without verification will be due in approximately %s hours and can be done on this page.`n`n",$hoursleft);
} else {
// display the direct link to change it.
$changeemail=translate_inline("Force your email address NOW");
output("`n`qTime is up, you can now accept the change via this button:`n`n");
rawoutput("<form action='prefs.php?op=forcechangeemail' method='POST'><input type='submit' class='button' value='$changeemail'></form><br>");
} else {
output("`\$If you have trouble with this, please petition.`n`n");
$cancelemail=translate_inline("Cancel email change request");
output("`\$Cancel the request with the following button:`n`n");
rawoutput("<form action='prefs.php?op=cancelemail' method='POST'><input type='submit' class='button' value='$cancelemail'></form><br>");
rawoutput("<form action='prefs.php?op=save' method='POST' onSubmit='return(md5pass)'>");
$info = showform($form,$prefs);
rawoutput("<input type='hidden' value=\"" .
htmlentities(serialize($info), ENT_COMPAT, getsetting("charset", "ISO-8859-1"))."\" name='oldvalues'>");
// Stop clueless lusers from deleting their character just because a
// monster killed them.
if ($session['user']['alive'] && getsetting("selfdelete",0)!=0) {
rawoutput("<form action='prefs.php?op=suicide&userid={$session['user']['acctid']}' method='POST'>");
$deltext = translate_inline('Delete Character');
$conf = translate_inline("Are you sure you wish to PERMANENTLY delete your character?");
rawoutput("<table class='noborder' width='100%'><tr><td width='100%'></td><td style='background-color:#FF00FF' align='right'>");
rawoutput("<input type='submit' class='button' value='$deltext' onClick='return confirm(\"$conf\");'>");