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#This is the lotgd configuration file which you have to edit for several settings
// enter the directory of your game installation, this cannot be done elsewhere
// for example
// $game_dir='/var/www/html/lotgd';
// This DEPENDS on your hosting! It is 100% sure if you use shared hosting this is different
// If you have a rootserver, you'd know what your directory is =)
/* * * *
* Avaiable values for DBTYPE:
* - mysql: The default value. Are you unsure take this.
* - mysqli_oos: The MySQLi extension of PHP5, object oriented style
* - mysqli_proc: The MySQLi extension of PHP5, procedural style
If you encounter problems with one of them, please let the developer know at
Any other than "mysql" seem to be not perfectly integrated somehow, but work most of the time.
/* set to 1 if you want to enable gzip compression to save bandwith (~30-50%), but it costs slightly more processor power for PHP to get it done. z_lib in apache is favoured if you have direct access to your machine.
Actually, if you can set this to 0 and add these lines in i.e. /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d into a randomly named .ini file:
zlib.output_compression = 1
zlib.output_compression_level = 7
for instance. And then do an "apache2 -k graceful" and check with phpinfo() to see if it worked.
/* The default skin which gets selected if you have NO skin accessible / configured or the database simply does not exist to select a default skin.
This will also be used in cases of database outages and so forth