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Version 1.2.3.+nb final

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Things you have to do after an upgrade from <= 1.1.1 DP Edition:

-check your races...remove the hook to "charstats" if they only add in the race under Vital Info. Now the core does this for you, including the translation.
-all with datacache turned on: as the caching has been shifted to the dbconnect.php file... you need to edit this file and place in:

$DB_DATACACHEPATH = "/your/caching/dir";

where you put in your directory/path to the cache directory WITHOUT ending /

-Replace the Ramius/Karissa/Cedrik names with %s using the Translation Wizard... or translate the sentences anew.
-Check if your language was de-it-fr-en-es-dk ... if not, then you need to add your language to the game settings as server supported language and also add all languages you WANT and drop those you DON'T WANT

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<title>LOTGD 403 - Forbidden Entry</title>
<p>Unfortunately, you cannot enter this page because you have been banned from the use.</p>
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Edit the settings.php in order get the cronjob working!

Modules like namecolor/namechange will not work anymore! You have to set the 'playername' which now holds the name of the player!

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I'm going to take a few moments to try and explain this new license and
the reasons behind it in plain English. The legalese for the license can
be found online at
and should be read and understood in detail before you use this code.

This new license was chosen because of a failing with the GPL. It only
covered distribution of source if and only if binaries were distributed.

In a web environment, specifically an interpreted web environment, merely
installing a game does not constitute distribution, and therefore people
were taking our work, making modifications to it and not releasing the
source code to their modifications so that the entire community could
benefit. They worked with the letter but not the spirit of the law.

Investigation on the part of the authors however, led to the fact that the
right of public performance was one of the rights normally restricted to
copyright holders, AND that computer programs, specifically video games and
interactive ones such as Legend of the Green Dragon were considered to be
publically performed if run from a public server.

The new license restricts public performance of the work unless the source
code of the modified work is made available on demand.

In plain English, this means that if you put this game on a web server and
allow people 'outside of a normal circle of family and its social
acquaintances' to play there, then you are publically performing this work and
MUST either a) make any and ALL changes which you make to the game available
on request (note this doesn't have to be available via the online source
display link, but they must be able to ask you for the code AND receive it
in toto), b) make arrangements privately with the authors wherein they
grant you a special license, or c) remove the code entirely from the machine.

We do recognize that people want to have areas of their game which are theirs
and theirs alone. To that end we will make the following exception to the
normal requirements for source code distribution -- any module file which is
not modified or derived from a module file included in the base distribution
AND which does not require any other module files AND which does not require
any modifications to the core code (code distributed with the base release)
may be withheld at the authors discretion.

For purposes of this license, base releases of this code include all versions
created and distributed by Eric Stevens and JT Traub. In addition to these
versions, the developers at are hereby granted a revokable
authority to produce new distributions which enjoy the same restrictions and
exceptions as this entire license. This authority may be revoked at any time,
but such revocation will be purely proactive, and existing releases will still
enjoy the full liberty of this license.
Although revocation may be for any reason, the only foreseeable reason that such
revocation would be enacted is if these distributions were discovered to contain
module hooks designed to circumvent the spirit of this license. The intention is
to let these developers continue where Eric and JT have left off.

We also want to make very clear that version 0.9.7 (also known as version
0.9.7+jt) was the final version released under the GPL. All versions,
starting with the 0.9.8-prerelease code are only licensed under the Creative
Commons license. We EXPLICITLY deny the right to import any code from a
0.9.8-prerelease or later release into a 0.9.7 and earlier release. Allowing
this would cause that imported code to be released under the GPL and that is
not something we wish to allow. Authors of modifications to 0.9.7 will
need to re-release their modifications as derivitives/modifications to
0.9.8 code and place them under the same Creative Commons license. It must
be done by the original author since only the original author has the right
to change the copyright or license upon their work. [Additionally,
reworking the modifications will be a good idea anyway as the mechanism for
making modifications is substantially cleaner/clearer starting with the
0.9.8-prerelease code.]

#######Additions for +nb
If you have code that does not show up in Dragonprime Edition 1.1.1, then this is +nb added, like on the feature list.
You are NOT allowed to take the code and put it into your game without telling where you have it from. You MUST make a notice in your core code, tellingwhat pieces belong to this +nb version.


###Taken from 1.1.1+nb
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Want to have this running in no time?

Mysql 5.x
PHP 5.x
LOCK TABLES privilege for your database user (ask provider if necessary)

All ok?

->Upload this and all folders including all files (directory structure must remain intact!) to your web host directory via i.e. FTP.
->READ INSTALL.TXT for necessary steps or modifications
->enter in your browser "http://mydomain.mytld/myfolder/installer.php", where mydomain.mytld is your domain+top level domain, i.e. "" and myfolder if you have located the game in a subfolder.
->Run the installer which will guide you through the rest of the setup process. If you are unsure about features, leave them out, you can activate them later on.

For questions regarding this version, you may use to report bugs and other issues. This version needs to be run by halfway experienced people, so basic support is not provided.
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Legend of the Green Dragon
by Eric "MightyE" Stevens (
and JT "Kendaer" Traub (

Modification AND Support Community Page:

Primary game servers:

For a new installation, see INSTALLATION below.
For upgrading a new installation, see UPGRADING below.
If you have problems, please visit Dragonprime at the address above.

-- UPGRADING: --------------------------------
ALWAYS extract the new distribution into a new directory!

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, read and understand the new code license. This code
is no longer under the GPL! Be aware that if you install this new version
on a publically accessible web server you are bound by the terms of the

We also *STRONGLY* recommend that you shut down access to your game and
BACK UP your game database AND existing logd source files before attempting
an upgrade as most of the changes are NOT easily reversible!

If you are running a previous pre-release of 0.9.8 you can do this by going
into the manage modules, installing the serversuspend module and then
activating it. If you are running a 0.9.7 version, you will need to do
this some other way, such as via .htaccess under apache. Consult the
documentation for your web server.

Once you have done this, copy the new code into the site directory. Due to
the need of the installer, you have to do this before running the
installer! Make sure that you copy all of the files from all of the

As of 0.9.8-prerelease.11, the only way to install or upgrade the game is
via the included installer. To access the installer, log out of the game and
then access installer.php (for instance, if your game was installed at, you would access the installer at

From here, it should be a simple matter of walking through the steps!
Choose upgrade as the type of install (it defaults to *new* install, so
watch out for this!!) and choose the version you currently have installed and
it will perform an upgrade.

Once this is done, read the note for upgrading from 0.9.7 if you are, and
then go read the POST INSTALLATION section below.

In 0.9.8 and above, the 'specials' directory has been removed and that
functionality is now handled by modules. If you have specials which are not
yet converted to modules, they will be unavailable until you convert them.
Move your specials directory to another directory name (for instance and work on converting them. Most specials should convert
easily and you can look at existing examples. If you haven't created (or
modified) specials on your server, just remove this directory.

-- INSTALLATION: -----------------------------
These instructions cover a new LoGD installation.
You will need access to a MySQL database and a PHP hosting
location to run this game. Your SQL user needs the LOCK TABLES
privelege in order to run the game correct.

Extract the files into the directory where you will want the code to live.

BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE, read and understand the license that this game is
released under. You are legally bound by the license if you install this
game on a publically accessible web server!

MySQL Setup:
Setup should be pretty straightforward, create the database, create
an account to access the database on behalf of the site; this account
should have full permissions on the database.

After you have the database created, point your browser at the location you
have the logd files installed at and load up installer.php (for instance,
if the files are accessible as, you will want to
load in the browser). The installer
will walk you through a complete setup from the ground up. Make sure to
follow all instructions!

Once you have completed the installation, read the POST INSTALLATION section

-- POST INSTALLATION: ------------------------

Now that you have the game installed, you need to take a couple of sensible

Firstly, make SURE that your dbconnect.php is not writeable. Under unix,
you do this by typing
chmod -w dbconnect.php
This is to keep you from making unintentional changes to this file.

The installer will have installed, but not activated, some common modules
which we feel make for a good baseline of the game.

You should log into the game (using the admin account created during
installation if this is a new install, or your regular admin account if this
is an update) and go into the manage modules section of the Superuser Grotto.
Go through the installed and uninstalled modules and make sure that the
modules you want are installed. Do NOT activate them yet.
*** NOTE *** If this is a first-time install, you will see some messages about
races and specials not being installed during your character setup. This is
fine and correct since you have not yet configured these items.

Now, go to the game settings page, and configure the game settings for the
base game and for the modules. For an update, this should be just a
matter of looking at the non-active (grey-ed out) modules. For an initial
install, this is a LOT of configuration, but taking your time here will
make your game MUCH better.

If you are upgrading from 0.9.7, look at your old game settings and make
the new ones similar. A *lot* of settings have moved from the old
configuration screen and are now controlled by modules, so you will want
to write down your old configuration values BEFORE you start the upgrade.

Once you have things configured to your liking, you should go back to the
manage modules page and ACTIVATE any modules that you want to have running.

Good luck and enjoy your new LotGD server!
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Thank you for downloading the modified version of Legend Of the Green Dragon.

Read for the normal issues: README.txt
Don't forget to read: INSTALL.txt for vital infos
Changelog for this version is recorded: CHANGELOG.txt
@@ -0,0 +1,41 @@
// translator ready
// addnews ready
// mail ready
* \file about.php
* This file displays the 'About Lotgd' navigation and the appropriate Text including the license.
page_header("About Legend of the Green Dragon Core Engine");
$details = gametimedetails();
$op = httpget('op');
switch ($op) {
case "setup": case "listmodules": case "license":
if ($session['user']['loggedin']) {
addnav("Return to the news","news.php");
addnav("Login Page","index.php");
@@ -0,0 +1,60 @@
// translator ready
// addnews ready
// mail ready
page_header("Account Information");
output("`\$Some stats concerning your account. Note that this in the timezone of the server.`0`n`n.");
$stats[]=array("title"=>"Account created on:","value"=>($user['regdate']=="0000-00-00 00:00:00"?"Too old to be traced":$user['regdate']));
$stats[]=array("title"=>"Last Comment posted:","value"=>$user['recentcomments']);
$stats[]=array("title"=>"Last PvP happened:","value"=>$user['pvpflag']);
$stats[]=array("title"=>"Total Pages generated for you:","value"=>$user['gentimecount']);
$stats[]=array("title"=>"How long did these pages take to generate:","value"=>readabletime($user['gentime']));
$stats[]=array("title"=>"You are Account Number:","value"=>($user['acctid']-1));
foreach ($stats as $entry) {
$stats=modulehook("accountstats", $stats);
foreach($stats as $entry) {

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