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A dialog modal window that is resizable and positionable on the map.

Check out the Demo Here


# Bower:
bower install Leaflet.Dialog
# NPM:
npm install leaflet-dialog

Adding a dialog box:

// After you've set up your map and layers, add the modal window by running:
var dialog = L.control.dialog(options)
              .setContent("<p>Hello! Welcome to your nice new dialog box!</p>")

Working with the dialog box:

Close the window:


Open the window:;

Destroy the window:


Reset the contents:

dialog.setContent("<p>Here's some new content!</p>");


Property Type Default Description
size [Array][width, height] [ 300, 300 ] An array of the starting width and height values (in pixels).
minSize [Array][width, height] [ 100, 100 ] An array with the minimum resize width and height (in pixels).
maxSize [Array][width, height] [ 350, 350 ] An array with the maximum resize width and height (in pixels).
anchor [Array][top, left] [ 250, 250 ] The starting point anchor location (from the upper left) in pixels.
position [String] 'topleft' The leaflet control div to place the modal inside, as a starting reference point.
initOpen [Boolean] true Whether or not to initialize in an open state.


Method Returns Example Description
open() this; Opens the dialog window.
close() this dialog.close(); Closes the dialog window.
destroy() this dialog.destroy(); Removes the dialog box from the window.
setLocation( [Array][top, left] anchor location ) this dialog.setLocation( [ 15, 15 ] ); Move the dialog box to the specified pixel location ( Relative to the 'position' option )
setSize( [Array][width, height] size ) this dialog.setSize( [ 150, 150 ] ); Resize the dialog window to the specified width and height.
lock() this dialog.lock(); Hides all visible dialog window controls.
unlock() this dialog.unlock(); Re-instates all dialog window controls.
freeze() this dialog.freeze(); Hides all visible dialog window movement/sizing controls.
unfreeze() this dialog.unfreeze(); Re-instates all dialog window movement/sizing controls.
hideClose() this dialog.hideClose(); Hides the closing 'x'
showClose() this dialog.showClose(); Shows the closing 'x'
hideResize() this dialog.hideResize(); Hides the resizing symbol
showResize() this dialog.showResize(); Shows the resizing symbol


Event Data Description
dialog:opened this Fired when open() is called.
dialog:closed this Fired when close() is called or when the 'x' is clicked.
dialog:destroyed this Fired when destroy() is called.
dialog:locked this Fired when lock() is called.
dialog:unlocked this Fired when unlock() is called.
dialog:frozen this Fired when freeze() is called.
dialog:unfrozen this Fired when unfreeze() is called.
dialog:updated this Fired when contents are set or when added to the map.
dialog:resizestart this Fired when the resize button is clicked.
dialog:resizing this Fired continuously as the resize button is dragged.
dialog:resizeend this Fired when the resize button click is released.
dialog:movestart this Fired when the move button is clicked.
dialog:moving this Fired continuously as the move button is dragged.
dialog:moveend this Fired when the move button click is released.
dialog:closehidden this Fired when hideClose() is called.
dialog:closeshown this Fired when the showClose() is called.
dialog:resizehidden this Fired when hideResize() is called.
dialog:resizeshown this Fired when the showResize() is called.