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Cascadeable 14x40 pixel LED sign modules
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File: README.txt
Description: Project-specific instructions and information concerning files
    located within this hierarchy and subhierarchies. In the event of
    conflicts, the lowest-level README.txt file is used for information
    regarding a file or files.

Current Location: led-sign/

    The LED sign is a 14x40 LED dotmatrix display. The board is designed to
allow for daisy-chaining, and up to 5 displays can be connected together to
create a larger display.

    Included in this repository are the source files and documentation
necessary to recreate the NBitWonder led-sign. If you believe something is missing
from the project, please contact us at

    All documentation information related to the LED sign can be found at:
License Information:
    NBitWonder projects are released under the GNU GPL v3.0 for software,
firmware, simulations, and documentation and Creative Commons CC-BY-3.0 
for electronics and mechanical components. License copies can be found in the
file 'license.txt' in each of these top-level folders.
    NBitWonder projects may use files, software, libraries, etc. which is not
open source. These components may not be distributed within the project
repository or use a different license than that specified in license.txt. In
these cases, acquisition instructions and license exceptions are noted in a
given hierarchy's 'README.txt' file. Where conflicting, the lowest-level
'README.txt' file shall apply to a given file or files.

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