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KellyC Show YouTube Dislikes

Show dislikes on Youtube


Install for Chrome, FireFox, Edge

  • Edge, Opera and any that allow install extensions from Chrome Extensions Store
  • a bit tested on mobile devices as well (for ex. Kiwi Browser supports extensions)

Want create issue report ?

Short troubleshooting information


Youtube has removed dislike statistics. This extension return this functionality back.

My project is similar to other ones, but with some features that was important personaly for me :

  • Support select of "dislikes" data providers, so user can clearly see where "likes\dislikes" stat was loaded from currently supported :

    - YouTube metadata parsing (used by default, helps to detect is author of video manualy closed likes \ dislikes actions)

    - API by Return YouTube Dislikes

    - API by SponsorBlock (Documentation)

    (currently for testing only - deprecated)

    - API by CatFace (my server, currently used as cache \ mirror server for Return YouTube Dislikes API for limited list of regions to prevent spam)

  • Classic ratio bar with [green \ red] \ custom colors
  • Support of mobile devices
  • By using callbacks addition APIs also can be supported. All current providers \ examples can be found here



Data providers configuration manager

Information about data source