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@georgemccabe georgemccabe released this Jun 18, 2019 · 1 commit to master_v2.1 since this release

See release 2.1 for sample data tarballs.

METplus Wrappers v2.1.1 Release Notes:


  • Fixed bug in filename templates where a file with the same number of characters in between tags are considered a valid file even if the characters differ, i.e. template = {valid?fmt=%Y}_dog_{valid?fmt%m} would treat both 2017_dog_02 and 2017_cat_02 as valid files when it should only consider 2017_dog_02 to be a valid file. This only applies when using file windows to determine which files are vaild (See “Using Windows to Find Valid Files” in section 4.3.3).

  • Removed requirement for non-MET executables to exist on the system for wrappers that don't need to use them. For example, if a use case doesn't use wgrib2, setting the path to the executable correctly is not required.

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