The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a scripting language for the analysis and visualization of climate and weather data.
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This is the top level directory for version 6.5.0 of the NCL and NCAR
Graphics source code. 

This source can be used to build NCL or just NCAR Graphics. Note:
NCL depends on NCAR Graphics, so you will get both if you elect to
build NCL.

The documentation for NCL can be found at:

While NCAR Graphics is part of the NCL source code tree, it has
its own documentation:

We highly recommend that people install NCL using a precompiled
binary. We provide precompiled binaries for several flavors of LINUX,
MacOS, and Windows/Cygwin. Precompiled binaries are hosted on the 
Climate Data Gateway website:

Source code is also available in the same location.

Any questions or problems with installing NCL and/or NCAR Graphics
from source code or precompiled binaries should be posted to You need to subscribe first:

Questions and bug reports on NCL should be posted to

Questions and bug reports on NCARG Graphics should be posted to

You can find detailed instructions for building NCL from source code,
or installing from precompiled binaries at:

Detailed instructions for building from source code are also found
in the "INSTALL.html" file in this directory.