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NCBI-Hackathons (Archive)

Archived repositories from past NCBI-Hackathons (now NCBI Codeathons), for recent content see:

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  1. EDirectCookbook EDirectCookbook Public

    157 56

  2. TheHumanPangenome TheHumanPangenome Public

    A Strategy for Building and Using a Human Reference Pangenome

    Jupyter Notebook 64 24

  3. Community_Software_Tools_for_NGS Community_Software_Tools_for_NGS Public

    60 27

  4. NovoGraph NovoGraph Public

    NovoGraph: building whole genome graphs from long-read-based de novo assemblies

    Perl 42 8

  5. rnaseqview rnaseqview Public

    RNA-seq Viewer Team at the NCBI-assisted Boston Genomics Hackathon

    JavaScript 35 17

  6. ConsensusML ConsensusML Public

    Machine Learning to Detect Cancer Biomarkers from RNAseq Data

    HTML 32 21


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