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SURVIVOR_ant @ 7f83f8a


Comparison and estimation of breakpoints for SVs across different technologies and resources. Summaries of SV annotations.


This github represents a collection of the methods that our group developed to analyze, annotate and more accurately predict breakpoints for SVs on the hackathon (08/15-08/17 @ NIH).

The methods developed consists of:

  • SURVIVOR_ant: a comparison and annotate method for a given vcf file.
  • provides statics of callsets in which an event is supported.
  • run_all: wrapper for


svcompare tool can be in installed at the root system level or at the user local.

  1. clone the repository
  2. gunzip
  3. place svcompare folder in a desired location

Repo content


  • includes the merged calls of GIAB HG002 based on 16 call sets.
  • The resulting file from SURVIVOR_ant based on the merged file of GIAB HG002.
  • table linking callers and technologies to use in statistics generation.


please cite our article if you use parts of our methods or data sets. (will soon be announced)