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Fix invalid lang codes in internationalization example

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amoeba committed Sep 29, 2017
1 parent 7ae63c7 commit b3efd4192dd5f9421abdbf0b3251fcfa83abc7d5
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@@ -447,28 +447,28 @@
<dataset id="ds.1">

<!-- English title with Portuguese translation -->
<title xml:lang=""en_US">
<title xml:lang="en-US">
Sample Dataset Description
<value xml:lang="pt_BR">Exemplo Descrição Dataset</value>
<value xml:lang="pt-BR">Exemplo Descrição Dataset</value>
<!-- Portuguese abstract with English translation -->
Neste exemplo, a tradução em Inglês é secundário
<value xml:lang="en_US">In this example, the English translation is secondary</value>
<value xml:lang="">In this example, the English translation is secondary</value>
<!-- two keywords, each with an equivalent translation -->
<keyword keywordType="theme">
<value xml:lang="en_US">tree</value>
<value xml:lang="en-US">tree</value>
<keyword keywordType="theme">
<value xml:lang="en_US">water</value>
<value xml:lang="en-US">water</value>

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