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Earthquake parametric catalogs from the Northern California Seismic System

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These files contain the earthquake parameters catalog of the Northern California Seismic Network from 1966 to present. They are available in the EHP CSV format. For documentation on the format, please go to:

A current snapshot of these files can be found at:

The index.txt file contains a mapping between the commit times and the hash keys and can be used to retrieve a version of the catalog at a given time.

NCEDC Specific field values:

status: (Event status)

      A: Automatic
      F: Finalized
      H: Human Reviewed
      I: Intermediate

magType: (Magnitude Type)

      a : Primary amplitude magnitude (Jerry Eaton's XMAG)
      b : Body-wave magnitude
      d : Duration magnitude
      dl: Low-gain initial P-wave amplitude magnitude
      e : Energy magnitude
      h : Human assigned magnitude
      l : Local magnitude
      n : No magnitude
      un: Unknown magnitude type
      w : Moment magnitude

type: (EventType)

      bc: Building collapse/demolition
      eq: Earthquake
      ex: Generic chemical blast
      lp: Long period volcanic earthquake
      ls: Landslide
      mi: Meteor/comet impact
      nt: Nuclear test
      ot: Other miscellaneous
      qb: Quarry blast
      rs: Rockslide
      sh: Refraction/reflection survey shot
      sn: Sonic shockwave
      st: Subnet trigger
      th: Thunder
      uk: Unknown type


Earthquake parametric catalogs from the Northern California Seismic System






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