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  1. Combined de novo transcriptome assembly - multiple assemblers - multiple parameters

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  2. The National Center for Genome Analysis Support (NCGAS) offers a three-day workshop on High Performance Computing (HPC) usage and metagenomic analysis between October 7th to 9th, 2019.

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  3. NCGAS is hosting a metagenomics workshop, focusing on whole genome sequencing metagenome analysis between April 20th to 22nd at Indiana University, Bloominton.

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  4. NCGAS national level workshop on de novo transcriptome assembly on April 29th to May 1st

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  5. Some useful scripts we use all the time

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  6. This is a workflow developed with CEWiT REU students and NCGAS (2018- 2019) to search the sequence read archive (SRA) to identify other datasets with a genome of interest.

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