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NCSC-NL is the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre. NCSC-NL supports the Dutch government and Dutch critical infrastructure in preventing IT-related security incidents. One of their main tools is Taranis: software to structure information from various sources about vulnerabilities. Taranis is designed to fit the typical workflow for a CERT organization; collecting, analyzing, and publishing.

Taranis scans the internet for texts about digital threats and vulnerabilities in software, hardware, and operating systems. NCSC-NL reads over 1.500 sources like websites, public and closed mailing lists, and RSS-feeds. Relevant news gets grouped into analyses. Based on those analyses, NCSC-NL publishes a number of products for its target audience: security advisories, End-of-Week summary e-mails, and workflow summaries to internal mailing lists. The reports also contributes to published fact-sheets and white papers.



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